Apple Introduces Mac Pro with Mac Studio M2 Max and M2 Ultra, Its Most Powerful Computers Ever

It was time for Apple’s keynote, and company representatives quickly got to the heart of the matter. new material from the company. After announcing the attractive MacBook Air 15″, the thinnest laptop ever designed, they introduced new desktops for professional users: the Mac Studio M2 Max, M2 Ultra and Mac Pro (which is also powered by an M2 Ultra).

m2 ultra

Let’s look at the state of Mac Studio first. Although his outward appearance may not seem to have changed one iota, his guts are really different. Apple brand now presents Two new versions of the in-house chip: M2 Max and M2 UltraIf we add it, this increases the number of references in the array to four. M2 and M2 Pro. In Apple’s own words, the Ultra version is the most intriguing version.“a monstrous chip”The strongest the firm has ever offered. Its features are impressive, at least check it out.

Half equipped of a Mac Studio M2 Max, but still very powerful

The M2 Ultra chip is carved at 5 nm and contains 134 billion transistors. The Neural Engine processor contains 32 cores capable of processing. 31.6 billion transactions per secondThe central processor houses up to 24 cores, while the GPU can count up to 76 cores. RAM problem, M2 Ultra chip can support RAM up to 192GB united for 800GB/s bandwidth. The announced performance gains range from 20% for the processor, 30% for the graphics section, and up to an additional 40% for the Neural Engine, the processor responsible for the IA section of Macs. Better still, the performance gain will be around 30% compared to the still very powerful M1 Ultra chip.


technical sheet Mac Studio M2 Max therefore it is easier to elaborate : components are the same as those built into the Mac Studio M2 Ultra, but half their size. And for good reason SoC M2 Ultra originates from the assembly of two M2 Max chips It communicates via the ultra-high-bandwidth UltraFusion bus (2.5 TB/s). M2 Max chip It will be powered by a 12-core CPUand a GPU with up to 38 cores. RAM will be limited to 96GB with 400GB/s bandwidth. No doubt, despite its less bloated hardware, the Mac Studio M2 Max still looks like lightning.

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Apple claims these racehorses offer processing speeds 4x faster for the M2 Max edition than the best iMac and 6x faster for the M2 Ultra. The Mac Studio M2 Max and M2 Ultra have two USB-C slots on the front and an SDXC card reader, 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 USB-A ports, an HDMI slot, a 10Gb Ethernet slot, and a jack on the back. THEM Mac Studio M2 Max will be traded at €2,399while Mac Studio M2 Ultra costs at least €4799.

The Mac Pro is back, and it’s never more deserving of its name.

It was thought that Apple shelved. computer for “true professionals”, Mac Pro. Its latest iteration dates back to 2019, when Intel was still Apple’s processor supplier. This year, the brand’s most powerful and cheapest computer is making a comeback with the M2 Ultra chip. here again, no change in aesthetic level, but in terms of motorization… that’s something else entirely. We already know the specs of the M2 Ultra processor, but where the Mac Pro stands out is in terms of connectivity: it has 8 Thunderbolt ports and 6 PCI slots. Many sockets and connectors with a real guarantee of scalability. Just like Mac Studio, Mac Pro can be used with 6 Pro Display monitors at 8K. It supports Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and Bluetooth 5.3. It also includes 3 USB-A ports, 10 Gbit Ethernet ports and a headphone jack.


Unfortunately, ordinary mortals will not have access to this beautiful computer, as the Cupertino company has announced it. The Mac Pro will be available with prices starting at $6,999..