iOS still gaining more market share, Google wants to bet on its own devices for Android’s survival

Android continues to lose market share to its biggest competitor, iOS. The situation would be worrying enough for Google to circulate an internal document revealing the following. how to eat apple. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of search giant Samsung, although it is still the world’s largest smartphone maker, Apple and its iPhones continue to lose customers.

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As we might expect, the international distribution of Android and iOS users depends heavily on wealth distribution. iPhones are luxury goods and therefore not very accessible to residents of southern countries. these favorite smartphones of western countries and a few rare countries in Southeast Asia and even the United Arab Emirates. Conversely, Androids, which are mostly very affordable, are in the ultra majority in developing countries.

Samsung smartphone sales won’t be enough to secure the future of Android, we need to sell more Pixels

This is symptomatic: even users of an Android smartphone as prestigious as the Samsung Galaxy S22 are switching to the iPhone, the opposite is more rare. This is troubling for Google, as its major achievement has been to ensure the longevity of the Android operating system, despite being a giant hardware competitor from South Korea. This includes legal action, possibly due to Google’s questionable business practices. losing a lot in ad revenueWe understand that the situation is critical for Alphabet.

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How to reverse this trend? Officials of the Mountain View company believe that more investment in the company’s devices is needed to protect it. The threat is apparently existential and, according to the note, Focusing available resources in Research and Development on in-house products rather than that of partners. In a nutshell, send your brains back home and focus on smartphones and other Pixel accessories.

As we are seeing on the streets now, this reorientation of the company’s investments accompanies an extensive communication campaign: public transport display, barter offers. Google wants and needs to sell more Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Remember, 60 Samsung Galaxy passed for one Pixel sold so far.

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