Hyperlapse: Instagram app to make ultra stable time-lapse videos

Instagram has released Hyperlapse, an app that makes it easy to create extremely stable time slots, for example filming lectures and creating eye-catching time-lapse videos.

The videos we see on Instagram are rarely landmark work. After all, most users filter out meaningless videos for an as-yet-undetermined purpose before posting them on the social network, but let’s not get into that here and ask instead. how to give these videos a little extra to make them appealing.

The team behind Instagram gave us a new way to create amazing videos with a new app called Hyperlapse. In the true Instagram spirit, it’s super easy to use: All the dreaded technical settings are invisible, all you have to do is shoot and say how much you want to speed things up, up to 12x faster.

No, and that’s the whole point. Like the policy of the same name, recently published by Microsoft Research Lab, Hyperlapse radically softens motion as sickening and disorganized as a time-lapse video.

instagram hyper jump
To do the Redmond giant’s credit, let’s point out that his method is much more advanced because it calculates the distance the camera has traveled and reconstructs a smoothed version of that trajectory, so the motion can be accelerated without oscillations.

Obviously, this method requires much more computing power. Meanwhile, Microsoft Research Lab has been pretty much quoted on our pages in recent weeks, as it is behind the transformation of any smartphone into kinect and mind-blowing displays that can reproduce textures.

Instagram app is currently only available for iOS, but it will come to android soon, Certainly. We’ll let you know as soon as this is done, and in the meantime you can compare the effectiveness of the Microsoft and Instagram versions.


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