HTC 10 Release Date and Deals

Impressive HTC 10 smartphone open It was back in early April and has been available in the US for over a few months. However, as the summer draws to a close, we’re starting to see many HTC 10 deals surface, including a very big deal announced on August 8. Read on for more information and the latest deals.

As expected, HTC has launched a phone that has a lot to offer and looks to be its best smartphone in years. The company struggled with the HTC One M8 and M9 in 2014-15 as it offered a nearly identical design to what Apple and Samsung did. This year, however, they have a completely reinvented (but familiar) HTC 10.

The new and improved HTC 10 is available for pre-order for select carriers the same day it was announced on, and there are now some great deals to consider on the site. For those interested, here’s everything you need to know about HTC 10 release dates, deals, pricing and more.

HTC started the announcement by talking a lot about design. Claiming the redesigned unibody aluminum shell has been perfected through customer feedback and various surveys. Some like to look back with that big chamfered edge, some don’t. Until we get it, I’m somewhere in the middle.

August 8 at HTC approved some big savings. For a limited time, the HTC 10 is $100 off their online store costing just $599. HTC is also giving buyers $100 credit to use on accessories, and the JBL Reflect Aware C (USB Type-C headphones) are completely free. It’s worth $199. So $100 off, $100 gift card for free headphones and accessories. Quite a lot of savings, but only for a limited time.

It wasn’t until May 13, Sprint HTC 10 launched $21 per month, $199 on a 2-year contract, or $624 outright. It makes Sprint one of the cheapest routes to the HTC 10. It was also one of the first carriers to offer it after Verizon.

During Google IO in May T-Mobile HTC 10 released along with a pretty good HTC 10 deal. Buyers get a free second fast charger and Ice View case for a limited time. HTC 10 is now available on all US carriers except AT&T. T-Mobile is asking $679.99 for 24 months, or $28.34 per month. Read the “Deals” section for more details and discounts.

As expected, the new HTC 10 has top-of-the-line specs across the board and actually looks a lot like the award-winning Galaxy S7 from start to finish. Under the hood it has almost the same features, a different design and some minor changes. Here are all the details. AT&T will not directly offer the HTC 1o.

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HTC 10 Features and Features

The HTC 10 has a lot to do. It’s a simple and beautiful design that is well crafted and probably much better quality than the LG G5. Top specs overall, just a stunning new camera surpasses Galaxy S7 in reviews and reportsand tons of power under the hood for apps, games and even music.

Yes, the dual front speakers are a bit gone, but the sound quality and crisp highs aren’t. HTC has placed a tweeter at the top of the earpiece for great highs during music or video, and a subwoofer at the bottom for lows. Each has its own amplifier and power supply, and the phone has Hi-Fi sound. So neither are they looking forward, but they don’t have to be, and our first impressions of the speakers were very positive.

HTC 10 Release Date Details

The new HTC 10 smartphone can now be ordered from: For $699, which is slightly more than the Galaxy S7 and less than the Galaxy S7 Edge. A good middle ground in terms of size and price. There’s a $100 discount coupon, and most carriers will likely want just over $600 for it.

HTC sells a global unlocked model on its website, as well as an AT&T-powered model and another for T-Mobile. These are unlocked without carrier bloatware and apps, which means faster software updates. This is the best way for buyers.

The phone was officially launched in early May and remains a great option. We’re currently seeing opportunities here and there with a great deal from HTC themselves.

HTC 10 Colors

The HTC 10 comes in three impressive new colors: Gold, Silver and Charcoal. However, it appears that only Silver or Charcoal (black) will be available in the US. It has a black front that is completely covered with Gorilla Glass. There’s also a version with 64GB of storage, a white front model, and more, but these won’t be available at launch in the US. The 32GB model is the only option for carriers in the United States.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 07.33.29 AM

Over the next few months, we may see some color-specific models arrive as carrier-specific, or users can import the 64GB model if desired. However, having more storage isn’t too much of a problem since it has a micro SD slot. HTC has also worked with carriers, their software team, and Google to provide less bloatware than other phones (we’re looking at you, the LG G5) and giving owners a smoother experience and more storage right out of the box. It also has plenty of stock Android with far less HTC Sense, and many will likely enjoy it.

HTC 10 Carriers

This is big news. The all-new HTC 10 smartphone will be available in May from Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, not to mention AT&T. It looks like AT&T won’t be carrying the new HTC 10.

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It’s worth noting that Verizon Wireless has already confirmed that it will be the first carrier in the US to offer the phone ahead of the others. And available as of May 5th.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 08.02.58 AM

What about those at AT&T? We have good news. Since HTC sells an unlocked model on, it’s technically better for AT&T customers not to have the carrier offer it. It’s unlocked, has no carrier branding or bloatware, and receives software updates directly from HTC instead of going through carrier hoops that usually delay updates by 6-8 weeks.

The global unlocked model works on AT&T or T-Mobile and the options above mean it will ship with those carriers SIM only. We recommend that anyone using AT&T or T-Mobile choose this route. HTC also has 12 months of interest-free financing for those who prefer not to drop $699 outright.

HTC 10 Deals

We don’t see a free VR headset or spare battery like some competitors do, as HTC doesn’t have a removable battery and the HTC Vive VR won’t, but we expect some deals to emerge. Both Samsung and LG have deals for pre-orderers, and be on the lookout as carriers make announcements or check back here for more information.

For a limited time, the HTC 10 comes with $100 off and $100 to use on accessories in their store. Click here to start. We saw this at launch and now it’s back, but with a free pair of $200 USB Type-C JBL headphones. Free with HTC 10 purchase from

This is the best option right now, but we can expect even more deals to surface when summer ends and school starts.

UH-OH Protection

HTC’s new smartphone may not be IP68 water resistant like the Galaxy S7, but that shouldn’t be a concern for buyers. Similar to previous years, the phone will come with HTC UH-OH Protection completely free. This includes a free replacement within the first 12 months for a cracked screen or water damage.


This means owners will be able to use it without worrying about it falling, damaged or broken, as HTC will replace it with no problem.

What all buyers need to know for now is the HTC 10 has a lot to offer, a refined design, a great new user interface packed with options, customization, themes and more. It’s complete with a great new camera, bigger screen, better battery life, expandable storage and can be yours right now.

If you’re buying the HTC 10, check out some of the best cases below.

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