Google Maps: Download APK of the latest update

Google is rolling out a new Google Maps update to simplify sharing options – a general mention that Google has made simplifying this feature a priority in its app ecosystem. The firm would indeed receive complaints from users and developers about the inefficiency of sharing in their apps. This requires redesign on both the server side and the application side. The new share menu resembles the one found in Google News – it’s more responsive as Google has completely changed the way data is organized.

Google Maps updates sharing options

In fact, until now, there could be delays between the moment the user pressed a share button and the action. As a bonus, this can cause him to accidentally press another button or perform the same action multiple times. To limit such errors, Google has split the carousel into two, the first carousel for contacts and the second for actions/apps below. swiping from right to left reveals more options. As with Google News, it’s also possible to directly type in a person’s name to send him a card.

This share options revision is available in Google Maps version 10.6.1. If you want to download this version manually, it is possible to do so directly from APK Mirror via the link at the end of the article.


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