Google Play Games: a new profile system in the latest update

Hardcore gamers obsessed with smartphones are already familiar with Google Play Games, the entertainment service that lets youintegrate specific games into the heart of a social experienceincluding online ranking systems and prizes for the most frequent and successful players.

However, the core functions testify to Google’s desire to support the community effort among gamers to revive the competitive spirit. The ambition of the American firm: to create the equivalent of Steam on a smartphone, a platform that goes beyond the simple game library stage.

The latest update to Google Play Games 2.0.11 moves in that direction by making several changes aimed at improving the social aspect of mobile gaming, a huge industry that never stops moving. traditional consoles in terms of income, whether portable or living room.

New profiles and easier navigation

The main contribution of this new update is related to user profiles. These are now taking shape character sheets like a role-playing game. Thus, the player’s experience takes the form of indicators of experience points divided into categories corresponding to the type of game preferred (puzzle games, action games, simulations, etc.). This indicator, once full, allows the user to level up.

Here we find a function roughly equivalent to that of Steam, where the player can level up thanks to a system of cards collected by playing their games. The more the user plays, the higher his level rises, giving him better visibility on the network among all registered players. More reasons to take advantage of our selection of the best free games on Android!

The app’s complete interface has also been revised for greater readability. Better-viewed profiles, app and profile guides to view more items at once, redesign of the inbox across multiple folders… update makes it easier to navigate and allows the player to find their way more easily.

The update is in the process of being rolled out and does not yet affect all smartphone models. APK version 2.0.11 is available here for those who want to take advantage of these new Google Play Games to show everyone the joy of playing Angry Birds Epic or The Walking Dead on their smartphones.


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