Google Play for Education: an app store for teachers

New service briefly mentioned during Google I/O 2013 Google Play for Education finally officially launched with our American neighbors. As the name suggests, this is an app store for tablets dedicated to teachers and schools that will help promote the Google operating system in the education world.

If the latest ad spot for the Nexus 7, which has been on TV for several weeks, already featured a class, it was just to better inform us about Google’s new positioning, which is now officially launching a new service. It is aimed at students and teachers who will manage.

A Google Play Store dedicated to the world of education

As with any educational platform, Google Play for Education It will offer early learning games and a range of apps to encourage different types of learning, such as reading. Developers offering apps for schools only need to specify whether their app is for the traditional Play Store or for apps for schools directly from the development console.

Of course, apps will also be categorized by grade level and other categories.

For now and at the beginning, the service Google Play for Education It’s only available in American schools, as is usually the case when the Mountain View giant launches a new service with everything in place, but it’s a safe bet that the platform will no doubt show up in Europe by the end of the year 2014.

Currently only available on Nexus 7, this new service will be available on ASUS Transformer Pad and HP Slate Pro starting early next year. The initiative will make it possible to standardize tablet use in classrooms, where they now play an increasingly important role.

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