Google Photos integrates a Chromecast compatible slideshow mode

The smartphone market is not at its best in 2016, on the contrary: severeand users are less and less inclined to go to the checkout to renew their favorite devices, and sometimes it takes several years to make a decision.

Conversely, smartphone-related services are experiencing strong growth, which will push Microsoft to focus on them. Between them, related to photography stands out and Google Photos is among the best photo backup and editing solutions available on Android.

And today it’s getting even more powerful: via the Android app or the web version, you now have the option to start a slideshow from one of your albums. Even better, you can cast it directly to your Chromecast!

Make it easy to show your information to family and friends latest holiday photos while easily commenting on them. To get started, nothing could be easier: enter an album, press the three little dots and click “Slideshow”.

Google is doing well to get more involved with the app, as Apple announced at WWDC 2016 its direct competitor in iOS 10 that is sure to shake up the competition in this space.

That’s why he left Picasa, which was a little older than Picasa, the first of his photography services. To ensure he had a single most efficient platform, he had decided to shut it down to focus his team on the development of Photos as we can see it today.

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