Google+ Photos could replace Android’s ‘Gallery’ app

As Google’s mobile operating system focuses more and more on web and online services with each update; While the Mountain View giant continues to gradually embed the Google+ social network as a key element of its own interactions, like YouTube, it continues to slowly but surely implement it within Android.

A trend that should have continued ever since Google+ Photos It may replace Android’s Gallery app in the near future. It’s currently available for Nexus and iOS devices, and since it was renamed “Photos”, it offers features similar to that of the Gallery app.

Additionally, to date, Gallery remains the only app to not benefit from a new high-resolution icon in the Android 4.4 KitKat update. It wasn’t in the first builds either.

Google+ Photos is Android’s new default app?

Could it be Google+ Photos? Android’s new default Gallery app ? The hypothesis remains quite plausible as we know that Hangouts has now replaced the SMS/MMS management app on Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. It wouldn’t be the first time Google has replaced some native Android apps with their own.

In addition, the “plus_editor” tag in the files added to the Gallery application confirms this theory.

Options that make it possible to maximize the unity of Google’s products and services, even if far from unanimous acceptance by users who in any case do not lack consistency and see hereby the obligation to subscribe to all online services offered by Google. As soon as the American giant wants to use only one of them.

remember that the future Replacing the Gallery app with Google+ Photos It is unlikely to make the task easier for custom ROM developers, as Google apps and services are unfortunately not included in the Android Project Open Source.


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