Google Meet: background, subtitles, low light mode, here are all the new features

Google Meet, formerly Hangout Meet, is a competitor to Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Like its competitors, it is a video conferencing software that peaked in attendance during the confinement of many countries such as France. However, the American firm knows that this level of use of its services will not last. Improvement is needed to persuade businesses and individuals to continue using Meet, not the competition.

That’s why Google rolled out a few new features for Meet at the end of last week. These primarily relate to companies and educational organizations such as schools, universities and educational institutions. That’s why some of them are exclusive to G Suite customers with the Google professional suite.

Soon up to 49 participants can be viewed simultaneously

Innovations concern several areas. The first is the presentation of the interface. It is now possible to see 16 participants at the same time, and Google has announced that it will be possible soon.Show 49 participants’ windows at once. Each user will also be able to choose several options for the background. A still image among several panoramas or wallpapers. Or a blur effect to slightly obscure what’s behind (like in Pixels’ portrait mode, with AI to reveal the participant’s face). Note that this function was the subject of a rumor last May.

google Meet news blurred and raised hands 1

Finally, for a function reduce screen brightness when the instrument detects lower ambient light. A way to reduce eye strain for anyone who spends a lot of time in a virtual meeting during the day.

raise your hand to speak

The second area is organization. Google, ” raise hand “. It allows the moderator to be informed that a participant wants to talk by identifying the movement. This feature will benefit from the increase in the number of participants that can be viewed at the same time. At the same time, participants will be able to chat with each other or with the host, thanks to a program. internal messaging. Again, within the framework of the revival of the rallies, it will soon be possible to organize it. live polls.

Google also provided a function split a meeting into several individual groups bringing together small groups. Ideal for creating study groups and then getting together to discuss the results of the brainstorming. Finally, Google should integrate a tool. automatic captioning of meetings. What you’ve already found on YouTube.

Refined management of meetings and attendees

The last area covered by Meet’s new features: security. New tools should appear to better control who attends each meeting, who can speak, and who can share their screen. We remember that this area was one of Zoom’s biggest weaknesses: Malicious users invited themselves into meetings with little or no protection to post inappropriate images and messages.

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Google announces Meet for individuals will be compatible with its home automation product NetHub Max. (formerly Google Home Max). It’s an interesting initiative because professionals are individuals even when they’re not working. If Google manages to convince them at home, they could be the prescriber at their company. All of these new features will be available to G Suite customers over the next few months. However, the Mountain View company did not specify the exact date.

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