How to Activate LG G5 Always On Display

This quick and easy guide will explain how to enable LG G5 always on display feature. Similar to the Galaxy S7, LG’s latest flagship smartphone has the option to have a small notification area on the screen 24/7 that gives users the time, date and incoming notifications at a glance. It’s called the “Always On Display”, but it’s off right out of the box.

This feature is highlighted and shown during the LG G5 announcement and in many of its advertisements. We were surprised to find that it was disabled by default; this may be due to LG trying to save battery life. However, it is very convenient and many owners will want to open it.

Announced on February 21, the LG G5 finally launched in the United States on April 1st. It’s now available from all major carriers, retail stores, and LG has tons of great accessories, cases, and add-ons to make it a great smartphone. Those looking to enable more features will want to keep reading for additional details and a quick guide on how to do it.

The LG G5 Always-On display is a great feature that many users will want to enable. Once turned on, even when you turn the screen off, it’s still on. A small area is lit up with time, date and even some notifications for emails or incoming messages.

Touching the screen does not turn on the screen, so users do not need to worry about this feature causing them to accidentally turn it on, call their mobile or do something by mistake. It is a simple space that is very dimly open. It takes a sip of battery life, provides information at a glance, and can be very useful. Instead of turning on the phone hundreds of times a day, enable the Always On Display feature and enjoy everything the LG G5 has to offer.

For whatever reason, AT&T was disabled on our LG G5 out of the box, so here’s how to activate or turn on the LG G5 always on display.


Owners just need to go to settings and open a quick option and we’re all done. It’s that easy. Start by pulling down the notification bar and hitting the gear-shaped settings button at the top right. This or find the app icon on the home screen. From here we will need to select the column near the top as shown below.

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From here, select Always On Display under the Display column, then turn the feature on and we’re done. See the image below for additional help on enabling this.


From here, users can press the home button or turn off the screen, and a very dim, barely visible area near the top of the screen will always be on, sharing important information at a glance. It’s worth noting that LG doesn’t have any customization options like Samsung does, other than replacing the clock with a signature or a “lost if found” message.

Those concerned about battery life will be happy to know that it only consumes about 1% of battery life every hour. That’s 8% in an entire 8-hour working day. That’s not much, but considering this new phone has a smaller 2,800mAh battery (smaller than the LG G4), some may not want to activate it.

LG has confirmed that the very dim and hard-to-see always-on notification will get brighter or darker depending on the user’s environment, and will actually turn off if the phone is in a bag or pocket to further conserve battery life.

It’s that easy. Enjoy more information with ease on the LG G5. Stay tuned for more details, how-to guides, and more. Owners with any questions can leave us a comment in the box below.