Google Maps now remembers your parking spot

“But where do I park? It’s a phrase Google doesn’t want to hear anymore. By allowing its users to memorize the location of their vehicle, the dev wants to avoid a hassle that millions of drivers around the world experience every day.

Google Maps can now save where you parked

Since the latest update, you no longer need to write your seat number on a piece of paper or in a corner of your brain: this task is now entrusted to the application. When you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is press a button. Google Maps records the location of your means of transportation.

It is then possible to use this information in different ways, for example by noting a few additional details (“parked in front of such a restaurant”) or setting an alarm (“parking time remaining: 3 hours). Similarly, it is possible to take and attach photos earlier. share everything with your contacts.

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It’s a simple but devilishly practical function that we hope will avoid the inconveniences and carelessness we’ve all potentially experienced. We would like to remind you that you can download Google Maps for free on iOS and Android, and the update is currently available on both platforms. And if you are looking for an alternative to the app for your own reasons, we invite you to refer to our 7 best alternatives on Android.

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