Google Maps adds COVID-19 vaccine centers

Google Maps can help you find a COVID-19 vaccine center nearby. Google explains in a blog post that it’s redoubling its efforts to help fight the pandemic. The firm thus announces that it has Raised $150 million for “To promote education on vaccination and its equitable distribution and facilitate the search for relevant information at the local level, particularly where and when to vaccinate”.

According to the company, it should be said that The volume of searches for “nearby vaccines” has increased 5x since the beginning of the year, shows a strong attraction for the vaccine. This is how Google adds new information when you enter certain search terms into Google Maps and the company’s engine. “The location of vaccination centers against COVID-19 will be available on Google Search and Maps in the coming weeks”.

concretely Google will show where vaccine centers are locatedbut also if you need to make an appointment, if the vaccine is reserved for certain age groups or if this vaccination center operates as a drive-in. Firstly deployment will be limited to a handful of states in the United Statesespecially “Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas”however other states and countries will be available eventually.

Google also adds its own facilities to the list of vaccination centers. The firm has indeed claimed some of its buildings and parking lots to distribute vaccines in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York City areas. Of course, for now, the possibility of getting a vaccine depends on country-by-country policies under limited stocks. But the situation should change in the coming months.

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