How to Find Your Deleted Notifications on Android

Being notified of an update, an important reminder, an SMS or an e-mail can therefore flash before your eyes very easily and this can be problematic if the information displayed is important. For starters, if you’re a beginner, check out our tutorial on how to manage your notifications. Then, here’s how to look at history on Android so you don’t lose even one of those notifications.

By local Android services

You might not have suspected it, but it is indeed possible to look at your notification history directly from your Android smartphone’s locale. We let you, it’s not necessarily the most obvious function to have, but it does exist and is the most important.

Notification widgets

To find it, you have to long press on your home screen until you see the possibility to add a widget to your interface. Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will need to access the apps and then click on the Widgets tab.

notification widgets added

Find the “shortcut to settings” and add it to your home screen. once done, a menu will appear. Click on “Notification Log”. Here you are. When you need to check notifications to check your participation, simply launch the Widget you just added to your home screen. That’s you it will also indicate at what time and on what day this notification is made. It was published. By clicking on it, you will reach the information of the relevant application.

Daily notifications

This is a fairly simple method that for some of you may not be enough for the more demanding ones. Also, here is another method using a third party app called Past Notifications.

Past Notifications app

google play past notifications

It’s available on the Play Store and will start remembering your notifications as soon as you install and activate it. Past Notifications group notifications by categoriesIt will make it easier for you to find what you want to find. You’ll also be able to select apps you don’t care about, such as battery level notifications or keyboard changes, thus preventing the app from considering them.

permissions past notifications

A minor inconvenience is that this app shows a thin advertisement banner at the bottom of the screen, nothing too annoying, but those who want to avoid this inconvenience will always have the opportunity to get the paid version for 2 €.99 on the Google Play Store. .

past notifications app access
permissions past notifications
not app notifications

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Google Play


Here are two solutions to succeed view your notification history, so your updates, messages, reminders, etc. nothing escapes your attention. Two very simple tips that will make it easier for you to follow and see things more clearly. Do you know any other methods to access this history?