Gmail: Say goodbye to simplified HTML version starting January 2024

Gmail displaying HTML

While the new interface based on Material You has been imposed on Gmail since February 2023, some users may not like this new announcement from Google.

Simplified HTML display is being deprecated in Gmail

In fact, the Mountain View company just confirm simplified HTML display will be removed soon on the messaging service. For starters, Gmail offers a simplified HTML mode that specifically lets you: launch the application in incompatible browsers with the latest HTML features or on outdated devices with limited memory.

But as our colleagues at Bleeding Computer point out, the simplified HTML display is also appreciated by users. visually impaired users. There’s a good reason for this, speech synthesis tools are more reliable out there. Conversely, the standard display involves technical complexities that these tools still struggle to master.

In return, users are missing out on new features available in Gmail, such as:

  • cats
  • spell checker and corrector
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • add or import contacts
  • personalized sender addresses
  • advanced formatting options

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End of January 1, 2024

However, Google confirmed this on its blog on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. The end of simplified HTML representation in Gmail.Until January 2024, you can view Gmail in a simplified HTML view in your browser. After this date, Gmail will automatically switch to standard view. It says on the support site of the American company.

It continues: “If your browser is compatible, Gmail will automatically open in standard view. With Standard View, you can take advantage of the latest Gmail features and security options“.

As a reminder, after the arrival of Bard, its conversational AI, Google began integrating AI into its most popular services. This of course also applies to Gmail. Very soon, artificial intelligence will be able to write entire emails for you. To make sure you don’t answer incorrectly, the AI ​​will consult your previous conversations to get some context. Users will also be able to change the tone and even style adopted by the AI.

Source : Bleeding Computer

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