Galaxy S7 Edition: 5 Things Rumors Suggest

The impressive Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are still relatively new, but something better is always around the corner these days. While both devices have only been available for about six months, numerous reports and rumors have already begun to surface about the Galaxy S7. More than a few details have already emerged, and here we will detail what these rumors claim.

In February, Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge a month earlier than everyone expected, and the launches in early April gave Samsung a clear lead over some of the competition. The same quick approach has taken place with the Galaxy Note 5, and now we hear that Samsung is looking to accelerate the release of its next phone, the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Note 5 is here, and while Samsung is busy working on its next major release, rumor mills are already starting to spin. We got some very early details on the specs earlier this week, and now a potential release date has been announced. Read on for everything we know based on some very old rumors.

Since it’s only September, any reports or rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7 should be treated with a bit of skepticism, at least for now, but we’re hearing a few things that make sense given the latest releases, the technology Samsung has, and stuff. factors.

Earlier this month, we learned that Samsung is working on a new smartphone called Project Lucky and since seven is often considered a lucky number, everyone automatically assumed it was the #Galaxy S7. Not to mention several insider sources have shared the details. SamMobile it’s about the new smartphone.

We know the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be a powerful flagship smartphone aimed at knocking out the iPhone 6s and tackling all the competition that emerged in 2016, but what can buyers really expect? We’re not sure yet, but below is a slideshow that shares everything we know about the rumors. Of course, things can always change, especially at this early stage of development.

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