Refurbished smartphones: after a year, private copying ends

This is probably one of the most obscure measures ever put in place regarding refurbished smartphones. A year ago, after months of debate, the government decided to lift the special copy exemption for refurbished smartphones. In other words, the latter is subject an additional purchase taxThere’s a simple reason they can play MP3 files – and who cares if no one uses that format to listen to music anymore.

In the face of this absurd increase, up to € 8.40 still payable by the buyerThe UFC-Que Choisir and SIRRMIET (Interprofessional Union for Refurbishment and Refurbishment of Computer, Electronic and Telecom Equipment) took swift action to report the matter. After a year of struggle, the decision may finally be in favor of industry professionals and indeed consumers.

Will private copying for refurbished smartphones end soon?

This is indeed what Informed reported in an article published Wednesday, November 23. For this reason, the newspaper states that the public rapporteur in charge of the case will announce his recommendations this Friday, which should normally be the case. Head to UFC-Que Choisir and SIRRMIET. If nothing obliges the Council of State to follow them to the letter, that is usually what the institution decides to do in such cases.

This is great news for all users who would rather buy their refurbished smartphone than new ones, as they will no longer have to pay the €8.40 fee for MP3s they’re probably not listening to. It is reminded that the market is now an important player in smartphone sales, with sales increasing by 15% in 2021. private copy brought 20 million euros to rights holders.

Source : Informed

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