Firefox OS: Easily test your smartphone without formatting it!

If you want to change scenery, explore new horizons, here are the things you might like. b2gdroid app lets you enjoy Firefox OS Based on the Gaia interface, with no need to get a compatible smartphone or format the one you use. You will be able to enjoy it as an alternative home screen to use the terms used.

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Before we start, you should also know that this only works on ARM terminals and not x86. Now, if the installation is still not convinced, know that b2gdroid weighs 65 mb, installs like a normal app on any device.

Here is the Firefox OS launcher, which replaced the usual one, but also enabled the installation of certain applications. you can even view and download apps directly from the Firefox Marketplace. You can rest assured that your Android icons are stored and can be executed through the launcher.

Note that the contacts directory does not follow the transition, the keyboard does not want to dial a number and the SD slot is not recognized. As you can tell, not everything is really focused, some windows conflict with others.

If everything works in a little slow motion, it remains an interesting and especially simple manipulation that allows you to make a first impression before you even start buying a smartphone or tablet. Note that this b2gdroid is a port for Android and does not fully reflect Google’s Firefox operating system, which may become an unorthodox operating system over time.

Here are the very small steps to follow for OS explorers:

Reminder : The application does not yet work on smartphones running Android x86

  • Activate third-party apps on your smartphone
  • install b2gdroid
  • Press “Home” and select “Switch to Firefox OS”
  • Enjoy Firefox OS and leave a note or comment to the developer on his etherpad.


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