Facebook Messenger: Mark Zuckerberg explains a separate app selection

A few months ago, an innovation was introduced to the interface for those who have never used the Facebook social network or used it very little. The ‘private messages’ or ‘chat’ or ‘mails’ part, whatever you call it, has completely left the Facebook app.

So, when you want to send a message to one of your contacts, you are now prompted to download the Facebook Messenger app. Once installed, when you want to send a message from the Facebook application again, the Facebook Messenger application will open.

At first it was possible to avoid using Facebook Messenger and continue using the social network as usual. However, it has become mandatory to exchange messages via Facebook Messenger for a while.

Of course, many users complained about having to download a new app while everything was working perfectly before. And especially when it’s really annoying having to switch from one app to another.

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Faced with this problem, Mark Zuckerberg does not listen. In fact, he explained the reasons for this choice in a question and answer episode that he liked very much today.

First, the creator of Facebook justifies the choice of an application specifically dedicated to messages. According to that, It was very important for the company to offer this service. To best meet user needs.

facebook messenger requiredAccording to him, 95% of smartphone owners use messaging apps. On average, they spend 15 minutes a day exchanging messages through these apps. On average. The Facebook app, according to him, is dedicated to referencing the news feed. and shipping statuses.

Sending messages through this application takes more time than Mark Zuckerberg, and the interface takes longer to load. Therefore, it seemed necessary to offer a special service for this use with a simpler and faster interface.

Regarding the obligation to switch over Facebook Messenger, the CEO of Facebook puts forward the following argument: According to him, Installing Facebook Messenger is not a big hassle regarding the comfort that the user can enjoy. Also, applications are made to perform a certain function, but it is best performed.

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That’s why Facebook Messenger is better, according to the creator of the social network. I am not sure that these arguments succeeded in convincing those who were most vehemently opposed to the firm’s choice.

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Because what Mark Zuckerberg didn’t mention, Suggesting such an application is also a strategic choice. faced a resurgence of the kinds of apps that users are fond of, such as What’s App, Skype, and even BBM.


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