Facebook accused of tolerating extremist and racist content


At the beginning of last weekend, many media outlets attacked Facebook. Articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC have published research revealing the role of social networking in social networking. Polarization of political views in the United States. Surveys show that Facebook is aware of its negative impact on the population.

In this context, an article in the Wall Street Journal reveals the underside of Facebook moderation. The newspaper, which includes the statements of many employees, claims that the social network reveals itself many conservatives are happy with the mediaIncluding Breitbart. Created by Andrew Breitbart in 2007, this conservative political media is often described as far-right. He has frequently been accused of making xenophobic or misogynistic statements in recent years. Breitbart is one of the most popular media outlets among Donald Trump supporters.

Facebook feared political backlash from Trump supporters

Despite Breitbart’s excesses, Facebook took no action against him. Despite criticism from many employees, the California group did not remove Breitbart from the News section of its website. However, this category is reserved for trusted media.

According to employees interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Facebook made exceptions for some conservative media. According to internal documents, the social network has a long list of media and personalities who have evaded its regulations. Facebook will exempt 5.8 million people from moderation rules to avoid criticism.

The group fears that the crackdown on some conservative media outlets could anger political leaders. Facebook was afraid of attacks from Donald Trump and his supporters, especially when he was president. “We are afraid of political reactions if we implement our policies without immunity.”a Facebook executive explains clearly in an internal communication consulted by the Wall Street Journal.

Parallel, a new tipster He started a guerilla war against Facebook. According to the Washington Post, he accuses Facebook of putting profit before human problems. The man was part of the social network’s civic integrity team.

Source : Wall Street Magazine

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