Revealed why Green Lantern is considered the WORST Justice League hero

The Justice League already collects thousands of adventures and plots, in addition to counting on the collaboration of several members throughout its great history. However, in the newest comic book released by DC, a question about one of the group’s founding members is hotly debated.

Would Green Lantern be the worst hero on the team? Don’t worry, if this is your favorite hero, there’s no need to be nervous, we can explain to you why the superhero was given this label in the company’s most recent launch.

It turns out that, as many already know, the Emerald Knight was probably born on planet Earth, however, he has several intergalactic obligations that end up taking him away from his home planet quite often. For this reason, Coast City, his hometown, ends up becoming an extremely easy target for supervillains to attack.

This is the question raised in the new story launched by DC, “Don’t Come to Central City”, in “The Flash #800”. The story is written by Jeremy Adams and Rob Leigh, while all the artistic part of the new comic (drawing, painting, colors, etc.) is developed by big names like Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert and Matt Herms.

The plot begins when a bunch of villains are gathered and playing poker at their headquarters. The criminals begin to talk about which would be the best city in the DC Universe to attack, since each hero protects a different city.

Gotham, Metropolis, Central City and Hub City are cities initially considered, but, after few arguments, they are easily discarded. Gotham and Metropolis are the first to be discarded, for various reasons.

After much debate between them, the villains name Coast City, home of Green Lantern, or Hal Jordan, as the easiest target for one simple reason, the city’s hero (Green Lantern) is never actually there to protect it.

Green Lantern doesn’t protect his own city

Hal Jordan was introduced to the DC universe in “Showcase #22”, in 1959. From the beginning, Hal called Coast City home, even when he needed to fight villains in other galaxies, and therefore spent a lot of time in space. The hero always returned to the city when he was back on planet Earth, because he always said he identified with the place.

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The most memorable and difficult attack the hero faced in Coast City occurred during “Reign of the Supermen”, when the villains Mongul and Cyborg Superman destroyed the city.

The unexpected attack ended up breaking Hal Jordan and led the hero to be corrupted by Parallax, which made him turn against the Green Lantern Corps. At the end of the story, Hal manages to redeem himself with Coast City and sees his city being rebuilt.

However, we all know that a hero who can’t keep his city safe is a true failure. So, although Hal and other Green Lanterns call Coast City home, their obligations and duties as members of the Corps are greater and often considered even more important than keeping their city safe.

We have seen thousands of times, during Green Lantern stories, the heroes receiving a summons from the Guardians, so they had to abandon what they were doing and go immediately.

In some cases, we saw Green Lantern about to do something heroic, but then the Guardians appeared at exactly that moment and the hero had to make a choice: protect his city or safeguard the entire sector (or even the galaxy).

These decisions, and even moments of tension, between Green Lantern’s earthly concerns and his intergalactic ones, have always been at the root of several classic Green Lantern stories.

Furthermore, Coast City is frequently visited by Green Lantern’s enemies, meaning the city has numerous disadvantages as it claims to be protected by a Justice League hero. Despite having a resident vigilante, it is not as safe as Metropolis or Gotham.

Analyzing this situation, it can be concluded that Green Lantern is the only hero of the Justice League who unfortunately makes his hometown more dangerous, since in many cases he is not present to protect it.

Apparently, Coast City remains as defenseless as it always was, thus representing a huge failure of the great Emerald Knight, which makes him relatively the worst hero in the Justice League.

But and you? What’s your opinion on Green Lantern? Who do you consider to be the worst hero on the team? Tell us here, in the comments, we want to know your opinion!

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