DinnerTime: An app to remotely block your kids’ smartphones!

It’s hard to do without these tech gems that are smartphones, right? If most of us today are addicted to smartphones, this is even more so among young people who see digital addiction as a social phenomenon. A start-up may have found the “final” solution To deal with this addiction.

This app called DinnerTime allows you to remotely block your child’s smartphone for a specified period of time. After DinnerTime Parental Control is installed on the child’s and parent’s terminals (smartphone or tablet), the parent schedule “pause” periodsperiods when the child cannot use the terminal.

DinnerTime lets you block your kids’ smartphones!

Even a paid option allows watch kids activity and especially the time it takes for each application. Richard Sah says his team wants it “people gather to chat rather than be distracted by tablets”.

While most manufacturers offer parental controls to prevent kids from encountering offensive content or “kid” mods, DinnerTime goes a little further and this app can be very helpful especially when you know it. children are increasingly equipped with smartphones and tablets.

According to a recent Ipsos study, 8% of children under the age of 6 and 19% of children aged 7-12 personally own a tablet.. 10% of 7-12 year olds own a smartphone. Gone are the days of borrowing your parents’ phone to send SMS. Needless to say, such an application in no way replaces parental authority.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this app in the comments. Do you think DinnerTime is a good alternative? Will children be able to easily find the answer to this type of application? What do you do to prevent your kids from spending too much time on their devices? Tell us everything.

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