Galaxy S6: Verizon Edge and Verizon 2-Year Contract Prices

Verizon offers the Galaxy S6 for free if you agree to pay for the new phone every month, but is the Verizon Edge program a good deal?

In this article, we compare Verizon Edge versus Verizon two-year contract pricing and plan to help you decide what is the best way to buy the Verizon Galaxy S6 for your situation.

After more than a year of introducing the new plan option that changed the way consumers pay for their phones, consumers are still asking, “What’s better? Verizon Edge or a Verizon contract?”

The answer depends on your personal situation, including how often you want to upgrade, whether you want to be free to leave Verizon at any time, and what kind of plan you need. Read on to see a sample of Verizon’s two-year contract pricing with the Galaxy S6 Verizon Edge.

Find out how Verizon Edge and 2-year contract prices compare to the Galaxy S6.

The traditional way to buy the Galaxy S6 is on a two-year contract. In this scenario, you pay $199 upfront and Verizon gives you $400 off the $599 off-contract price. This $400 discount locks you into Verizon for two years so you can upgrade, and the price of your monthly plan reflects that. If you choose to leave Verizon before the two years are up, you must pay an early termination fee, which starts at $375 and decreases each month. If you want to upgrade to a new phone before the two-year period expires, you must pay the full price for that new phone. With the Galaxy S6, Verizon charges $249 up front and offers a postal discount for a $50 debit card to bring the price down to $199.

Verizon Edge program shifts the price of Galaxy S6 to monthly payments. With this new way to buy the Galaxy S6, you don’t sign a service contract, but agree to pay monthly for your phone for the next two years. If you choose to stop using the Verizon service, you are still responsible for the cost of the phone. If you choose to use the Verizon Edge option for the Galaxy S6, you’ll pay $24.99 per month for 24 months, for a total of $599.76. There is no interest on the phone and you do not deposit $0 when buying the phone.

Prices vary for family plans, but you can still save money.

Prices vary for family plans, but you can still save money.

As part of this plan, you save $15 to $25 in Verizon’s monthly service cost. If your plan includes 6GB of data or more, the discount is $25, and if you choose a plan of 4GB or less, there is a discount of $15.

Other bonuses to Verizon Edge Galaxy S6 pricing include faster upgrades with no upgrade or activation fees and the option to upgrade to a new phone after 30 days and after 75% of the device has been paid. should swap device to upgrade early. If you pay in full, you don’t have to exchange the old device.

If you’re a new customer, you can get a $100 billing credit when you buy a Galaxy S6 with Verizon Edge plan for every line you add. To use Edge for the first time, you must qualify for the upgrade and have at least six months of good payment history, or pass a credit check if you’re a new customer.

You can choose a Verizon Edge or Verizon two-year contract plan for families with the More of Everything Plan or Single Line Plan.

For customers who don’t have $199 to get a Galaxy S6 but still want the new phone, we’re sharing a comparison to help you figure out whether the Verizon Edge program or the two-year Verizon contract is the better deal. In the example below, we compared only one user, so it’s a good idea to create your own plan for a family of users. You can add up to 10 devices to a personal account with contracts or Verizon Edge. Discounts of $15 and $25 per month are per line using Verizon Edge. Not all plans in the account need to switch to Edge at the same time.

Verizon Edge and Verizon 2-Year Contract Pricing

Verizon Plan Payable at time of purchase Activation fee Edge Payments Monthly Service Total Cost 1st Year Total Cost Two Years / End of Payment
Verizon Contract, 1GB Single Line $199.99 40 dollars 0 $ 60 dollars 960 dollars 1,680 dollars
Verizon Edge, 1GB Single Line 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 45 dollars 840 dollars 1,680 dollars
Verizon Contract, 2GB Single Line $199.99 40 dollars $0.00 75 dollars $1,140 $2,040
Verizon Edge, 2GB Single Line 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 60 dollars $1,020 dollars $2,040
Verizon Contract, 2GB More Than Everything $199.99 40 dollars 0 $ 80 dollars $1,200 $2,160
Verizon Edge, 2GB More Than Everything 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 60 dollars $1,020 dollars $2,040
Verizon Contract, 4GB More Than Everything $199.99 40 dollars $0.00 100 dollars $1,440 $2,640
Verizon Edge, 4GB More Than Everything 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 85 dollars $1,320 dollars $2,640
Verizon Contract, 6GB More Everything $199.99 40 dollars 0 $ 110 dollars 1,560 dollars $2,880
Verizon Edge, 6GB More Than Everything 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 85 dollars $1,320 dollars $2,640
Verizon Contract, 10GB More Than Everything $199.99 40 dollars $0.00 140 dollars $1,920 $3,600
Verizon Edge, 10GB More Than Everything 0 $ 0 $ $24.99 115 dollars 1,680 dollars $3,360

From a purely financial standpoint, Verizon Edge plan pricing is a better deal for almost any customer looking at a single device. In a few scenarios, the total cost for a Verizon contract or Verizon Edge is the same, so whichever option you choose.

In most cases the Verizon Edge option is the better deal because it will allow you to get an iPhone 6s in the fall, a Galaxy Note 5 or a Galaxy S7 in 2016 to be first in line. California charges tax on the full price of the phone, not the contract price. This could mean paying an extra $50 upfront with a contract or spreading it out over 24 months.

In the end, the best option is the one that provides enough data to meet your needs, because paying for more data than your plan includes or paying for a lot of data is the easiest way to spend money on a cell phone plan.

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