Cyber ​​Harassment: Emmanuel Macron announces free app to make reporting easier

Cyber ​​harassment of Emmanuel Macron

At a time when social networks such as Instagram are highlighted for their harmful effects on adolescents’ mental health, President Emmanuel Macron just made the following statement on Twitter: New measures to combat cyberstalking.

That’s why the Head of State had several announcements on this National Anti-Harassment Day. Emmanuel Macron confirmed first A new free app available by February 2022. Designed as an alternative to the 3018 help number launched in April 2021, this number is specifically designed for users to Report cases of online harassment by sending screenshots.

Of course, this app is primarily aimed at social networks and instant messaging like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and even YouTube and Twitch. “Bullying still happens at school and on social networks, leaving victims without even a moment’s respite. That’s why we will continue to take action, especially because students who are harassed are often alone and afraid. “We must make it easier to report that they are victims,” he said. said the president about the blue bird.

Cyber ​​harassment of Emmanuel MacronCyber ​​harassment of Emmanuel Macron

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Parental control, free application, digital awareness starting from 6th grade

It should be noted that cyberbullying has become a real public health problem. Because it affects at least one in ten children in France. But how this application works remains unclear: What resources will be available to users? Who will be responsible for analyzing screenshots? Will these be passed on to law enforcement? Will it be possible to store more than one piece of evidence there, or will it be enough to be a simple information vector? There are many questions that remain unanswered for now.

Of course, this is not the only measure announced by Emmanuel Macron. The tenant of the Élysée wants to change the law to: ““Parental controls are installed by default on all smartphones, computers and tablets our children use.” He also wants to involve the head of the executive branch.”“With the idea of ​​giving a digital awareness certificate to 6th grade students starting from the beginning of the 2022 academic year and disseminating it from the next academic year,” he said.

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