Alarming predictions: formation of new supercontinent could be FATAL for mammals

Researchers at the University of Bristol have shed light on possible drastic climate implications arising from the expected emergence of a new supercontinent, dubbed “Near Pangea”. According to a recent publication in Nature GeoscienceThe Earth may face overwhelming environmental challenges in the next 250 million years.

The new Pangea

Based on investigations into the first Pangea, formed approximately 310 million years ago, experts anticipated worrying atmospheric and geological changes. Projections reveal a possible increase in solar radiation: the Sun could radiate 2.5% more than current standards, leading to escalations in extreme heat.

Such territorial reconfigurations would have direct implications for the climate worldwide. Scientists warn of possible aridity in vast regions and a sharp increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

This elevation could generate scenarios similar to those experienced during the formation of the first Pangea. At that time, there was a significant increase in CO₂ on the planet, which resulted in a notable increase in the global average temperature.

Photo: Farnsworth et al./Natural Geoscience/2023

In this context, mammals find themselves in a perilous situation. If CO₂ levels exceed 560 ppm, we could see an extinction event of alarming magnitude.

Furthermore, with the possible rise of the global average temperature to 46.5°C in the era of Near Pangea, the survival of mammals could be at stake. Tropical zones would become inhospitable, restricting viable habitats to about 8% of the global land surface.

However, the scenario becomes even more challenging when we consider the expansion of desert regions, which makes mobility between habitats an almost insurmountable task for many species. Studies indicate that, throughout geological history, mammals have demonstrated a limited ability to adapt to extreme thermal conditions.

O future It therefore requires attention and efforts in research that seek to more deeply understand the potential transformations of the planet and its consequences for life as we know it.

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