Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Wireless Charging Pads

These are the best Galaxy S20 wireless charging pads and stands available right now, and why would you want one? Being able to easily and quickly charge your phone without wires is something many owners will enjoy.

Like previous phones, the Galaxy S20 has fast wireless charging and you can even charge other devices from the back. smart watch or your Samsung Galaxy Buds.

All three new Galaxy S20 phones have lots of fun features like wireless charging. However, not all charging pads work the same. Some are made for the iPhone and won’t charge your Galaxy S20 very fast, and some don’t even have a wall plug. Basically, you’ll want to pick a good wireless charger from our list to ensure the fastest speeds and the best experience.

Best Wireless Charging Pads for Galaxy S20 (2020)

The most important thing is the charging speed. Your typical wireless charging pads at Amazon, Best Buy or carrier stores are made for iPhone and offer only 5-7 watts of output charging power. This means your S20 will charge super slow.

Below we recommend “fast wireless charging pads” that only provide 10 watts, 12w or even 15w wireless charging power. This way your phone will charge as soon as possible.

1. Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Our first recommendation is Samsung’s own fast wireless charging dual pad, but only buy this if you need to charge multiple devices at once because it’s really expensive. The Duo Pad can quickly charge two devices simultaneously without the hassle of cables. However, the larger circle has “quick charge 2.0” technology and provides 12w wireless charging power and the smaller one is normal speed. Still, this is an excellent option created specifically for Samsung devices.

2. Anker USB-C Wireless Charger 15w

For everyone else, we recommend the Anker Powerport 15w fast wireless charger. While getting fast wireless pads Anker for under $10, this has several obvious advantages. Not only is it small, light and affordable, it also offers a full 15w speed and gets USB Type-C. That way, you can use this Galaxy S20 wireless charging pad with the included wall plug and cable with your phone.

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3. Seneo Fast Wireless Charger Stand

If you prefer a wireless charging stand for your Galaxy S20 over a pad, this is the one for you. The Seneo Fast Wireless Charging pad is small, inexpensive and effective. It comes in Black and White, offers fast 10w fast charging speeds, built-in temperature control, and a good warranty.

4. iOttie ION Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Another great option is this stylish wireless charging pad from iOttie. They offer four different colors in a premium soft fabric cover. This ensures that your phone won’t get scratched when you slide it on or off the pad. Even better, a wall socket and charging cable are included in the box, so that’s all you need for wireless charging while keeping the charger that came with your phone for use in another room.

Most wireless chargers don’t have a wall plug, so it’s nice that they provided one with the pad.

5. Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Convertible

If you want to keep everything in the Samsung family, you can have this fast wireless charging pad that came out with the Galaxy Note 10 last year. Delivering the best, fastest, safest wireless charging speeds and power to your Galaxy S20. And while it’s a little pricey too, it doubles as a charging pad or stand as it converts to one or the other. It is the perfect charger for your office, kitchen or bedside.

6. DesertWest 15w Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Finally, for now, we’d like to suggest which is one of the fastest wireless charging pads on the market. Desertwest 15w wireless charging pad is one of the first devices to receive the QI MP-A11 EPP certification for output power. With most devices doing 5, 7, or even 10w, this can provide up to 15 watts of uninterrupted power output wirelessly. It makes it 40% faster than almost anything else and takes full advantage of the technology inside the Galaxy S20. It’s stylish too, which is beautiful.

These are the best Galaxy S20 wireless chargers ever available, and we’ll be updating this list as more come out.

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