Anytime: Can Amazon revolutionize mobile messaging?

Most of us have at least one or two messaging apps on our smartphones. The most common could be Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Skype, and even Line and Viber. Security enthusiasts will have Signal or Telegram. In any case, the market looks pretty busy already. Except for one segment. Chatbots and customer relations it could represent the market that will soon be taken over by couriers who want to distinguish themselves from the rest. However, it is clear that Amazon, whose core business is still e-commerce, has a card to play here. Offering the same foundation as the competitor but adding the little home touch, this could be the Always Play Card for Amazon.

Get the best available elsewhere

According to the first information How should it always be? A few days ago we gave a detailed presentation of what awaits you, so there is no need to go through all the elements. However, a general trend is emerging. Amazon’s desire to select the best items left and right.

Jeff Bezos should clearly hope this doesn’t run into any problems, especially in terms of patents. We know the tendency for tech giants to engage in legal battles over concepts alone. However, this can be costly, as Apple has experienced with Nokia. But one should hope that Pax, the platform that Google launched to fight the patent war on Android, will have little impact…

In any case, the result looks like a mix of Facebook Messenger’s core functionality with Snapchat filters. all without ads and with new features. Attractive, isn’t it?

Always, finally, a real competitor for Facebook?

facebook messenger autonomy

It’s beautiful on paper and makes you want it. We’d like to think that everything will go well for Amazon. However, a big challenge awaits the company. Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Two of the main messaging apps, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Used in the West (again, the situation is different in Asia).

Hangouts is now limited to a professional universe, despite the power of Google. It is used very little outside of this framework. A market owned by Jeff Bezos’ company already launched Chime a few months ago.

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Therefore, Anytime’s challenge to establish itself on a long-term basis will be to succeed in sufficiently differentiating it from the competition. when the market is already saturated. At this point the options are limited, but there are possibilities.

A sensible approach for Amazon

The most important of these is what should be the trend for the next few months or even years in messaging apps: chatbots and customer relations. If Facebook tries this, at least in Europe still timidly, the result is still far from certain. On the one hand, because habits do not yet exist, but above all because Artificial Intelligence is not developed enough.

But with Alexa, Amazon is one step ahead in this area. Can be used as the company envisions Communicating with our animals in 10 yearsFor example, in e-commerce, we can safely hope that business will be established faster. Alexa should also be able to feed off these exchanges to progress even faster.

The app also provides essential links to bookings, purchases, etc. It should integrate with external services that allow it. More than 310 million users It is currently in demand by the company worldwide.

Also, Amazon has a tangible and immediate advantage that it can take advantage of from this investment. Messaging apps create interaction and at the heart of today’s mobile experiences. Definitely a viable way to promote sales or Amazon Prime subscriptions on its platform.

It’s a good time for Amazon

jeff bezos amazon always the richest in the world

Finally and above all, while all signals for Amazon and Jeff Bezos look good, this announcement needs to be analyzed in an overall panorama. CEO, He became the richest person in the world in June openly willing to take risks and do not hesitate to do so. That’s why the company needs to open physical stores in Europe soon and is also working to create a new range of smartphones for developing countries.

Of course we must not forget echo and alexa He will continue to lead the company’s customer relations initiative for years to come. But why would you want to stand there when everything seems to be smiling at the company?

Think you need a new messaging service? How do you use it? What are the functions it should have at all costs? Tell us everything in the comments!

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