Android: Say goodbye to the hassle of Bluetooth audio settings with this app

Android is a very flexible operating system and can be customized. Android 13 allows you to change almost all the operating parameters of your smartphone. Such a wealth of features sometimes makes simple things difficult. For example, if you want to change your smartphone’s Bluetooth audio codec to take advantage of your Sony WH-1000XM5 headphone with custom Bluetooth audio codec, you will notice that the procedure is not very easy.

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For casual users, there is usually no reason to change this setting on the smartphone. Android 13 doesn’t make things easy right now, What you need to do to change the Bluetooth codec :

  • Go to the “Settings” of the device
  • Select System
  • Select “Developer options”
  • Enable “Use Developer Options” if it’s not already enabled
  • Scroll down to “Bluetooth Audio Codec” in a long options page

This Android app allows you to replace your smartphone’s Bluetooth codec with a widget

Journalist Mishaal Rahman turns into an influencer and Android app to make life easier for users who frequently switch from one Bluetooth codec to another on their smartphones. or those who want to take full advantage of the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard. They can choose to create widgets to “change” the setting with a gesture, or delve into the details of codec parameters via a nice user interface.

in addition to power change the default Bluetooth audio codec, they can also change the sampling rate as they wish, for example they can create different codec profiles for gaming, listening in very high resolution or streaming. In the same spirit, the integrated equalizer allows you to create a personalized listening experience. Unfortunately, such flexibility comes at a price. you will find it For a modest amount of € 3.49 on the Play Store.

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