X (Twitter): another service that has become paid, Elon Musk seeks profitability at all costs

X social network owned by Elon Musk and formerly called Twitter, X Pro, formerly known as TweetDeck, is a subscriber-only product. X announced in July that TweetDeck, a popular program that allows users to monitor multiple accounts and user lists simultaneously, will only be available to “verified” account holders from August. ie those who subscribe to XBlue.

In the last few days, several users who have logged in to use X Pro have said, ” Blue subscribers whose phone number has been verified will receive a blue check mark after confirmation. », then a button to subscribe to XBlue. As a reminder, this service is billed at €9.60 per month in France.provided you review the web version.

Along with access to TweetDeck (XPro), X also offers additional incentives to its paying users; Stream long-form content, download 1080p videos and even edit your streams. Moreover, recently X Blue also allows you to download videos directly from the site.

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