Android 13: screensaver also shows battery level of connected devices

Last week we told you about a new feature coming to Android 13: At a Glanceor Select Glance, which displays various information about the screen saver. A highly anticipated widget among users who will no longer have to unlock their smartphones for access. stopwatch, sports activity data and even battery levels. According to a recent Reddit user’s discovery, Google is particularly interested in this last aspect.

The latter has witnessed a really minor addition in functionality options. For a brief moment, he managed to activate the display of the screen. battery level of connected devices. Thus, the screen saver informed about the remaining battery in the Bluetooth headset or any other object connected to his smartphone. The option is below the available ones, so you just have to enable it in settings to see it appear.

Google adds at a Glance before removing the battery level of connected devices

Apparently, Google automatically offered this feature to Android 13 beta users without the need to download an update. at any rate, it’s too late to test it yourself. Indeed, the Reddit member u/mattbxd behind the discovery states in his post that the option is valid. “disappeared after a short time”. On Pixel 6, The feature is no longer visible.

For now, the At A Glance widget looks like this: relatively disappointing. Despite having multiple options checked, it doesn’t really show anything on the screen. Therefore, the functionality is far from being in its final stages and Google’s a few improvements If it wants to release when Android 13 starts.

Source: reddit

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