Android 10: When Will My Phone Get the Update?

The big Android 10 update 2020 is still slowly but surely coming to more phones as 2020 continues, and if you haven’t got it yet, it will be coming to your device soon. With all the neat new controls and features, it’s probably “will my phone get Android 10?” you’re wondering. or “When will my phone receive the Android 10 update?”

There’s usually a huge delay from Google releasing new Android software until something like a Samsung Galaxy or LG phone gets this new software. While Samsung has delivered updates pretty quickly this time around, others like LG and Motorola continue to struggle.

Here’s what you can expect from all the biggest brands and when you can get the Android 10 update on your device.

Google Pixel Android 10 Updates

As expected, we’re starting with Google’s own Pixel phones. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that every Pixel phone they made would receive updates, and they did. All Pixel devices got Android 10 in September 2019, even the great budget Pixel 3a family.

Android 10 arrived on September 3, and the Pixel 3 received it within an hour of launch. They are the first phones to enjoy the new software. You can even try the Android 11 Dev preview right now if you have a Pixel, but we recommend waiting for the public beta.

Samsung Galaxy Android 10 Updates

The most important update for most people in the US is the Samsung Galaxy Android 10 update. Because they are the most popular phones. They’ve gotten even faster over the past year or two, and thanks to a long Android 10 “Q” beta that started in March 2019, Samsung has released Android 10 and One UI 2.0 are faster than any previous update.

In fact, they launched the Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta in early October and released 8 previews before quickly rolling out the final version. We’ve seen devices around the world receive Android 10 in November, followed by US models in December. It took Samsung less than four months, which is faster than usual. This year, too, they updated the previous generation faster.

Frankly, there are quite a few other Samsung Android devices that should, have, or will receive Android 10 as well, from the Galaxy A-series to tablets, to the older Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, we don’t have a roadmap or a solid leak to go through. Instead, we’ve listed only the most important and latest flagship devices above.

Expect ANY Samsung phone released in the last 18 months to get Android 10, as it’s part of their contract with Google to use Android. Take a look at what’s on or already available on your phone. This is a quick video of Android 10 (One UI 2.0) on Samsung devices. Also, it looks like we’ll get One UI 2.1 In a very short timemore.

If you’ve owned Samsung’s best phone in the last 2 years, you’re enjoying Android 10. So those of you with older or budget models, stay tuned for more in the near future. Buy that, or just the sweet new Galaxy S20.

Essential Phone Android 10 Update

Android co-founder Andy Rubin went and started a new smartphone company. They’ve been tough and will never make another flagship, but the Essential PH-1 is still pretty good. It also gets software updates faster than any other phone on the market besides Google’s own Pixel phones.

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The Essential Phone got Android 10 on September 3, the day it was released for a few people, then everyone else It started receiving Android 10 on September 13. This was the first non-Pixel update.

OnePlus Android 10 Updates

A big selling point for OnePlus is fast updates and a clean, fast, nearly stock Android experience. And they have provided exactly that in the last 2-3 years. OnePlus devices were among the first to try Android 10, they’ve outstripped Samsung to launch and are way ahead of brands like LG.

Almost every major OnePlus phone already has Android 10, and they remain one of the best in the business. Here is a list of devices that will receive it or have already received it, starting with the OnePlus 7/7T in first place. Then, the 7T family was released with Android 10.

Keep in mind that companies only have to offer support and updates for 18 months, and those who own the OnePlus 3 are lucky to get Android 9 Pie. Don’t expect a device that old to see version 10 of Android. However, they delivered quickly for the OnePlus 6 and promised for the older OnePlus 5, which is good news.

LG Android 10 Updates

Like Samsung, LG covers Android with a custom skin, which causes updates to cost more and take longer to complete. And unfortunately, LG just keeps getting worse in this department. Most LG Android Pie updates came a few months after Samsung, 6-8 months after OnePlus, and a few took 11-12 months to arrive. In fact, some LG phones are now over a year old and still don’t have Android 9 Pie, which is ridiculous.

That said, they’ve already delivered Android 10 to a few devices, and we expect more before spring and summer.

Remember, this list is unconfirmed, but we will update it with more information as it becomes available. Basically, any phone released by LG in the last 12-18 months should eventually get Android 10. Choose older devices like LG G6, Stylo 5 and other budget devices. We’ll have to wait and see. recently LG Italy shared an update roadmapbut he didn’t tell us much.

Huawei Android 10 Updates

Despite some recent problems with governments, Huawei is still one of the largest and most popular smartphone manufacturers on the planet. While we know they’re working on HarmonyOS to replace Android, they’ve recently confirmed a lot of details about it. upcoming Huawei Android 10 updates. We’ve seen EMUI 10 reach several high-end models, but the whole situation with Huawei is still ongoing and uncertain.

Huawei makes a lot of phones in the high-end flagship category, from budget devices that compete with the Galaxy S10 or iPhone Xs. Then they have a secondary sibling brand, Honor, with more excellent mid-range phones. This is just a short list and we’re probably missing a few that will definitely get Android 10.

We don’t know when, but a few updates rolled out in December, with even more coming in January for high-end models like the P20, but with all the government drama we’re not sure what else is coming. Expect more updates worldwide over the next 2-3 months and this Spring.

Motorola Android 10 Updates

A few years ago Motorola was at the top of this list by quickly updating devices to the latest version of Android. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. While they’re still pretty quick for updates, we don’t have much information to share yet.

Motorola recently Moto G7 The most popular budget phone is the Android 10 update, but there are several different versions of this phone in regions all over the world, making it difficult to keep track of which device got Android 10 from where. Then, in early March, we finally saw it. The first “flagship” Moto phone gets Android 10. Next Moto Z4. We expect more to come in the coming months.

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For what it’s worth, in the summer of 2019, nearly a year after Android 9 Pie was released, Motorola canceled the Moto Z2 Force update for the phone’s AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint models. The phone wasn’t even 2 years old and they just pushed the Pie to the Verizon version. So don’t wait for an update for the Z2, and we’re already worried that the Z3 will get Android 10.

However, we think most of the devices on our list above should see updates within the first 3-5 months of 2020. The only exception is the Motorola One series with Android 10 guaranteed, and quite a few of them have already received it.

Nokia Android 10 Updates

Nokia may not be the powerhouse it once was, but they actually make excellent affordable Android smartphones that ALWAYS get software updates. actually, they just received an award for being the #1 phone brand worldwide for software updates and security. Realistically though, they haven’t been around long enough to choose whether they want to spend money and resources updating an old phone.

Nokia’s reboot is still new, but they’ve already got off to a great start with Android 10. Here is the full cast.

HDM Global has delivered three major Android 10 updates before the end of the year, many in the first few months of 2020, and plans to roll out even more before the end of Q2. It’s just March and they’ve updated almost every phone they offer.

This is impressive and we hope they stick to this roadmap.

Sony, HTC and Other Android 10 Updates

Unfortunately, brands like HTC don’t deserve a full breakdown as they no longer put in a lot of effort. There are other major brands that will release Android 10 to some devices at some point, and a few may surprise you with quick releases. Here is another list of a few that we think are worth mentioning.

This list could go on and on, but we mostly wanted to focus on the larger high-end brands, US models, and popular phones for the masses. However, some other incredible devices like the Vivo NEX S, Razer Phone 2 or budget RealMe phones should see Android 10 in the next month or two if they haven’t received it yet.

To be honest, Android 10 is no longer new since it was released eight months ago. At this point, it seems to me that every major brand should have already made announcements, posted their time slot, or already delivered the update. We shouldn’t hear about betas just starting in April 2020 or a company’s first few Android 10 updates because it’s too late.

At the same time, major brands like Samsung, Google, and OnePlus all released even more updates before the end of the year and in January/February, so things have been moving in the right (and faster) direction lately.

Enjoy Android 10 on your Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung, Essential for now, and on your select LG or Motorola phones and a few others, join betas if available or check back often to see if your device has been added to the list. If you’re using Android 10, here’s a guide for potential issues. Then, now that Google released the first Android 11 Developer Preview in February, an official Android 11 beta is expected in early April for a few dozen phones.

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