Abandoned app Google Keep is in its final hours

Google Keep

It’s not for nothing that Google is trying to shed its reputation as an app killer. The firm actually has an unfortunate tendency to start services with a shovel and use it again to dig its grave a few years later. Lately, it has been the VPN included in the Google One offering that has paid the price. And it looked like the reaper could be back to work soon.

It is clear that the American giant’s notes application, Google Keep, has never been able to achieve the success of its larger competitors. Recently, we felt that Google was paving the way for the future, especially with Google Tasks, which gained its own application after appearing in Gmail. It hasn’t failed: Despite a burst of vitality with the addition of a few new features last month, Google Keep is well and truly on its way out.

Google Keep will be replaced by Google Tasks

In any case, a few lines of code detected by AssembleDebug seem to indicate this. These last ones, which have not yet been activated by the company, will allow you to display alerts in Google Keep when finished and invite users to import their reminders into Google Tasks. So those same reminders will eventually disappear from Google Keep, to the benefit of its neighbor.

Likewise, Google Tasks integrates lines of code that prepare the arrival of reminders from Google Keep. There is therefore little doubt about the fate of the latter. If we still have to wait for communication from Google to know for sure, there’s a good chance that Google Keep will eventually disappear. The practice can boast of having lasted at least nearly a decade.

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