Myths deconstructed: the truth about electric cars is surprising

With the growing adoption of vehicles electricalmany continue with a veil of myths surrounding this ecological revolution on wheels.

As the purchase of these models gains momentum, doubts and misconceptions persist that Inside EVs has focused on dispelling by offering insightful insight into three common myths.

Myths about electric cars

Electric cars are a good idea – Image: Info Money/Reproduction

Do you need to change the battery?

The first myth confronted is the belief in the recurring need to change the battery. Countering this notion, Inside EVs presents revealing data from a comprehensive analysis of more than 6,000 electric automobiles.

The useful life of batteries, according to research, is in line with the longevity of the battery itself. car.

Therefore, the idea of ​​a premature battery change is categorically denied. Statistics show that, on average, electric model batteries lose just 2.3% of their power annually.

Will the network hold up?

The second myth addressed focuses on the capacity of the electrical grid to support the charging demand of these vehicles.

Detailed research corroborates the viability of current electrical networks and daily energy production to meet this growing demand.

To be more specific, it is concluded that an increase in energy production by just 1% per year would be enough to keep up with the increase in sales of electric models.

Is an electric car more economical?

The third mythperhaps most intriguingly, challenges the notion that the total cost of traditional fuels and electricity is equivalent.

The Inside EVs website presents revealing research that compares a 4WD pickup truck in its fuel and electric versions.

The results show significant savings of around US$1500 per year, equivalent to approximately R$7500.

Therefore, the narrative that costs equalize is deconstructed, revealing that, in the long term, the electric alternative is an economically advantageous choice.

As electric automobiles continue to change the automotive landscape, debunking these myths is crucial to informing consumers and encouraging the transition to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

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The roads of the future are paved with truth, thus showing that electric cars are not only a sustainable choice, but also a financially smart decision.

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