Iga Swiatek chose Serena Williams as her dream actress as she regrets never meeting the legend.

tennis champion Iga Swiatek had a dream season with only 6 wins WTA singles title and 2 Grand Slam titles, as well as World No. 1 on the WTA rankings. She finished the 2022 season with an impressive 11,085 points. This placed him on the pedestal for great success next season.

She became the first Polish woman at the age of 21 and at the age of 4.pearl then woman Steffi Graf, Martina Hingisand Serena Williams World No. 1 for more than 30 consecutive weeks in his first mission. by 2022 French Open and US Open Preparing for the 2023 season, the champion took a break to answer a few questions in a new interview with the American sports broadcaster. ESPN.

He spoke in great detail about many aspects of his life. When asked about her idols and who she would like to meet on the court, she named 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams as her ideal rival.

“If I could meet one of the legends of women’s tennis on a court, it would undoubtedly be Serena Williams. Unfortunately, I did not have the honor of playing against him. We all admire Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, whom I met a year ago, they are wonderful people.” said.

Iga Swiatek wants to make the 2023 season as memorable as the 2022 season, as it really wants to climb new heights in the 2023 season.

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What changed for Iga Swiatek after world number 1?

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek is ranked #1 in the WTA rankings. 2nd place Tunisian Ounce is 6000 points ahead of Jabeur.nd On the leaderboard with 5055 points. Expectations have also risen for the world’s No.1 Polish player, with fans and viewers expecting him to win every match and tournament. But the 21-year-old has learned to bow to pressure and give his best on the pitch.

“During this year, I learned a lot about myself. Most importantly, whatever the situation, I can find a solution that will change the course of the game. I can also take the pressure of being number one: all eyes are on me and I’m still playing freely.” he added.

The Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, will begin a month later. But before that, it will be featured in the opening edition. United Cupand represents his country, Poland.

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