Nick Kyrgios advocates the use of UTR rankings, finding that ATP rankings are biased towards ‘skill and form’.

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) It is the rating and ranking system for all tennis players in the world. This includes almost all tennis players, be they men, women or adults or children. All professional, amateur and emerging tennis players are on the list.

UTR takes the player’s percentage of wins over the last 30 matches in 12 months and the opponent’s rating to calculate the player’s rating. Ranking by rating points is known. UTR is the most reliable way to know a player’s skill level. This is also the official rating system used by Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA).

Tennis Channel, one of the partners of UTR, published the men’s ranking according to the UTR system on social media. According to the UTR order, Nick Kyrgios Ranked 2nd in the World with 16.06 UTR Rating, just behind Novak Djokovic Who got the top place? However, both players’ ATP rank differs from the UTR rank by a large margin. Nick Kyrgios is ranked 22nd in the rankings. ATP 2022 men’s singles rankings. Similarly, Novak Djokovic is ranked 5th in the 2022 ATP men’s singles standings.

Tennis Channel also asks social media users for their opinions on these rankings.

Thoughts on ATP #22 Kyrgios currently 2nd place UTR,” was read.

UTR ratings cover not only professional matches and tournaments, but also junior tournaments. More than 800,000 players in over 200 countries have UTR ratings.

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Social media users are fervently commenting on rankings based on UTR rating

UTR Ratings (Image Credit: UTR Tennis Blog)
UTR Ratings (Image Credit: UTR Tennis Blog)

Included player database Universal Tennis Score ATP is huge compared to WTA and ITF. Even professional players get help from the UTR system to evaluate their progress. Many legends have also defended the global effectiveness of the UTR.

UTR Rating is the best way to measure yourself against all other players, regardless of age or level.” Novak Djokovic had commented on the UTR.

UTR Rating is ageless, genderless and unlimited. It really democratizes the game.” Martina Navratilova shared her views on the UTR.

The UTR Rating allows teenagers and adults to play at the same level, which is crucial to their development and enjoyment.” Former coach of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, José Higueras Said about UTR ratings.

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Nick Kyrgios also seems to be joining the UTR rankings.

Meanwhile, social media users also commented on the men’s ranking based on UTR ratings. Some agree with this, but many believe the rating system is a joke. Here are a few reactions to the post above.

The UTR rating is a unique attempt to level the playing field for all tennis players, whether professional or aspiring. It helps players evaluate themselves and motivate them to improve their performance on the field.

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