“Can learn while winning” Emma Raducanu advises learning from Jim Courier to overcome recent crash

Emma Raducanu gained fame during the fairy tale run US Open last year. The British teenager broke multiple records with his victory at Flushing Meadows, including becoming the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam title. She quickly became the talk of the town and was even identified as tennis’ next golden girl after her spectacular campaign.

His first year on the senior track was really productive for Raducanu, finishing the year in 19th place in the world, up 324 places from the previous year. But it’s been on a downward spiral for the 19-year-old since then. A series of misfortunes riddled with injuries and inconsistencies have resulted in him winning just 4 games since his victory in New York last year. his last trip indian wells it also ended in disappointment after being eliminated in the third round.

However, the former American tennis player, Leif Shiras he says these are part of the learning curve for Raducanu. Returning from acting, the journalist added that there is great potential to be unlocked and that Raducanu is still an emerging player. His game has some shortcomings and needs to improve them.

“He’s going to need to find his best tennis more consistently and that’s going to be difficult because he’s on a learning curve. There’s still a lot to learn in his game and we see that because he’s an emerging talent, so he still has a few holes in his game to fill.”he said in an interview with SkySports.

I think there are opportunities for Emma Raducanu to win a second major.‘: Leif Shrifas

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu

later remembered by Jim Courier Continuing quote that can be learned from losing, but not as fun as learning from winning. Receiving this quote, Shiras said that Raducanu can also work on his shortcomings while winning the matches.

“Jim Courier always said, ‘I enjoy learning from losing, you can really learn a lot, but I enjoy learning from winning’ so maybe he can learn while winning. This is the best formula. Five of the last nine Grand Slams have been won by first-time players, so the odds are there and there are plenty of players to choose from in the majors. There’s no reason why Emma shouldn’t do the same.“said

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Shrifas added that it’s a competitive arena, but Raducanu is no stranger to it, considering he overcame it once by clicking his first Grand Slam at the US Open. Taking Serena Williams as an example, she added that unlike years past, the circuit is not dominated by a single player. Williams was a force to be reckoned with in his first season and dominated the circuit for nearly two decades. However, unlike then, it is an area that has been more evenly discussed over the past few years.

“Is it going to be a tough road? Yes, because there are a lot of veteran players who all want to get a piece of the action, so there will be competition. But she’s done it before and I think she’s getting a taste of what she can do and since the game isn’t dominated like a Serena Williams, including Emma I think many women have opportunities to win second place. added.

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