How to Use Screen Sharing on FaceTime in iOS 15

Apple has made it clear that it wants to take on popular video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet with its redesigned FaceTime app. And features like making FaceTime calls from iOS to Android, watching movies together on FaceTime, and sharing your iPhone screen give it some heavy ammunition against its rivals. Now, if you want to learn how to use Screen Sharing on FaceTime in iOS 15, follow this handy guide.

Using Screen Sharing in FaceTime on iPhone (2022)

Before we get into the quick steps, let’s understand how the new screen sharing feature in FaceTime works!

What Is Screen Sharing and How Does It Work on FaceTime?

If you’ve tried video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet, you may already be familiar with screen sharing. It allows you to show your screen and let others monitor your activity in real time. It is also useful during online presentations and public meetings using Microsoft Powerpoint or other applications such as Powerpoint. Plus, the ability to share your screen saves you time and the hassle of sending files, documents or videos, making it a great asset in a world where virtual meetings have become everyday.

Blurring your background on FaceTime calls is fun, but thanks to a neat feature called “SharePlay,” FaceTime lets users listen to music (via Apple Music), watch movies, and share their screen to view apps together. Apple introduced the SharePlay API in iOS 15 to enable developers to integrate this feature into their streaming apps. That’s what makes SharePlay game-changing for FaceTime.

Can You Share Screen With Android and Windows Users During FaceTime Call?

Android and Windows users can receive FaceTime connections and join meetings via the browser, but no more than that. In true Apple fashion, the video calling app has limited functionality on Android and Windows. Also, SharePlay is designed for playing only within the Apple ecosystem. This means you can Unlock the full potential of SharePlay if you only have an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Because iOS 15 is still a work in progress, things could change when the latest iteration of iOS becomes available to everyone this fall. We’ll update this guide if Apple makes any major changes to the feature. Until then, follow this guide to share your screen with other FaceTime users on iOS 15.

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Share Your Screen Using FaceTime on iOS 15

  1. Start Face Time on your iOS device.

2. Now, tap on Create Link To create a FaceTime meeting link. At that time, tap the “i” button and select the “Share Link” option. After that, share the meeting link with your friends using text, email, iMessage or WhatsApp. Next, initiate a FaceTime call.

FaceTime Connection

Alternatively, you can tap on “.New FaceTime”, Enter the names of the friends you want to share your screen with and then tap “.Face Time” To start a video call

New FaceTime - How to Use Screen Sharing on FaceTime in iOS 15

3. Tap on “ during the FaceTime call.Screen sharingPress the ” button in the upper right corner of the new control panel.

Tap the Share Screen button

4. Next, tap on “.Share My Screen“. After a quick countdown, screen sharing will start (3, 2, 1).

Use Screen Sharing on FaceTime

5. Next, Go to the app You want to screen share with your friends or family over FaceTime. This much.

Use Screen Sharing on FaceTime

Screen Sharing Not Working on FaceTime After iOS 15 Update? Here’s Why!

In the last two days, since the stable iOS 15 update was rolled out, we’ve seen a lot of comments about the screen sharing feature on FaceTime not working for many users. We decided to investigate the problem and it turned out that Apple delays rollout of screen sharing feature on FaceTime.

Although the FaceTime SharrePlay feature is available in the iOS 15 beta build at the time of this writing, the stable build does not include the same. This is the reason why most of you are currently unable to access the feature. owned by Apple updated The iOS 15 features list will include asterisks over the SharePlay feature for FaceTime to indicate that the feature will come in a future software update.

The Cupertino giant also confirmed that this will not happen, addressing a user’s concerns that the FaceTime screen sharing feature on Twitter not working in iOS 15. “Available until the end of this fall.”

So yes, you’ll probably have to wait a few months to share your screen with friends, family, or coworkers over FaceTime in iOS 15 on your iPhone. When the feature launches in iOS 15, follow the guide above to learn how to screen share on FaceTime.

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Use FaceTime to Share Your Screen on iPhone and iPad

So this is how you can use FaceTime to share your screen on your iOS or iPadOS device. While I’d rather have a full-fledged FaceTime web app that lets anyone use the video calling app without any restrictions, I’m happy with Apple’s move to turn FaceTime into a feature-rich video conferencing tool. As I said above, the official rollout of iOS 15 is still far away, so Apple may make adjustments to FaceTime to make it more accessible for Android and Windows users.

So what would you like to say about the renewed FaceTime? Do you think it has the tools to become a video conferencing app of choice for business and personal use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.