You can’t stop Facebook from training its AI with your personal data

The more things go, the more rights holders have the capability that the system will have.artificial intelligence They use it politely in their work to educate. And this also applies to individuals. After all, why would an AI have the right to do this?use your personal information Without paying any compensation? Such questions underlie debates over the control of AI, regardless of those who want AI to have full rights to Web data by default. But many companies take the problem seriously.

Some have therefore implemented an “opt-out” procedure. opt out of your data being used to train AI. OpenAI made this for the latest version of its image generator Floor For example. When Facebook announced his form this summer “Data Owner Rights Regarding Generative Artificial Intelligence“, everyone considered this an “abandonment” of Meta, the parent company of the social network. But applicants very quickly became disappointed in the use.

Facebook form that deletes your data from artificial intelligence is useless, according to testimonials

Not to be confused with the form to stop Meta from tracking you, the AI ​​one has an option that says “I want to delete all my personal information from third parties used to develop generative AI models.” Many artists seized it with hope. protect your works, but without success. Always, Facebook reported that it could not access the request and states that it is necessary provide evidence “The response from one of Meta’s generative AI models contained personal information.” In other words, it is up to you to experiment with the queries until you reach a satisfactory outcome for the firm.

When contacted, a Meta spokesperson clarified: “We do not currently offer a function that allows people to opt out of their knowledge in our products and services being used to train our AI models.” People will misunderstand what the form actually does. In summary, it allows you to request certain personal data regarding the services Except Meta’s or perhaps it has been removed from AI training models. Actually, it’s less impressive when said that way.

Source : wired

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