TikTok: Europe is concerned about this functionality and demands clarification from the social network


Nothing is going well for the Chinese social network tiktok. This film is also under the influence of another policy, as it faces the threat of being banned from the United States, much to the dismay of its creators who fear for children’s education. European Commission investigation. Wants to check if the application qualifies for DSA (Digital Services Act), especially regarding the tools put in place to protect minor users. During this time, ByteDanceThe parent company of the service was launched TikTok Lite.

On game storethis is a “version the fastest and lightest TikTok application […] Designed to deliver better performance on slow networks, reduce data costs and reduce space usage“. Available in France, it was he who started the program “Quest and Reward Lite“, so you can get paid to watch videos on the platform. This system challenges European Commissioner Thierry Breton because Give TikTok 24 hours (starting today, April 17) to elaborate.

This new TikTok feature worries Europe, asks for details

More precisely, the Commission is interested in:Potential impact of the new “Task and Reward Lite” program on the mental health of users as well as the protection of minors, particularly in terms of the potential stimulation of addictive behavior“. conceptThe impact of social networks on psychological well-being is increasingly at the center of debate. Facebook and Instagram do not escape such accusations.

Europe’s request states: “TikTok must provide TikTok Lite risk assessment and other requested information within 24 hours by April 26, 2024; The Commission will then analyze TikTok’s response and consider further actions.He could probably replace it. In the worst case, Chinese social network is at risk Fine of up to 6% of total annual turnover. Such a sanction would only be imposed after a thorough investigation, usually lasting several years.

Source : Reuters

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