Meta attacks two scammers to flood Facebook with phishing

Meta decided to take up arms against the authors of the phishing campaigns. Recently, the Californian company announced its desire to put an end to the scam that plagues Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. To do this, Meta filed a federal lawsuit in a California court in December 2021.

The volume of phishing attacks targeting its users has increased drastically since March 2021, according to data from Facebook’s parent company. To stop this phenomenon, Meta security teams, suspended thousands of URLs leading to phishing sites. Thus, at least 39,000 websites It imitated the login pages of all the social networks of Meta.

But Jessica Romero, the company’s litigation director, said: it was difficult to find the identity of the operators of these campaigns. However, we learned that Meta has taken legal action against the two men. their alleged role in the above-mentioned scams. These two Nigerian residents lured Instagram and Facebook users to phishing sites between March 2020 and October 2021 to obtain their personal information and credentials.

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Meta sues two scammers

According to the details from Meta, the two scammers used A network of over 800 fake Facebook and Instagram accounts. The multinational company has confirmed that it has taken various measures against the two, deactivating all fake Facebook and Instagram accounts, and sending them several cease and desist letters.

Separately, the company and service provider Chime Financial filed suit against the two men. usurp the company’s identity and image in scams. “Online impersonation is prohibited on all Meta technologies and we will continue to take steps to protect the people who use our technologies.” said Meta.

As a reminder, the company is still mired in the controversy surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s statements, which threatens to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe. Unsurprisingly, Meta confirmed its desire to stay on the Old Continent and assured that the CEO’s words had been distorted.

Source: Safety Week

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