Best GroupMe Alternatives

The messaging app owned by Microsoft has attracted many users. While not as popular as some of its competitors, GroupMe still offers good multimedia messaging options.

One of the best things about this app is that it works with different operating systems. But what if you’re looking for an alternative that better suits your needs?

Of course, there are many options to choose from. The following article reviews a list of apps worthy of your attention.

1. Signal

This app uses end-to-end encryption to provide superior user protection and privacy. Signal is also free and open source. Second, it shows that anyone with the right knowledge can verify application security.

Another benefit is that you get MMS and SMS support. If there is no encryption, you should decide to send SMS via Signal. Overall, the app works really well, but there are some things you should know about it.

Signal requires your phone number to work and notifications can sometimes be unreliable. It also accesses contacts and phone numbers on your device. But this is not uncommon for messaging apps.

Best GroupMe Alternatives - Signal

2. Telegram

Telegram is free, privacy-focused, and the app is partially open source. This means the app has an open API, but there is no way to access the backend. For some, this may raise privacy concerns, but it doesn’t really matter.

Best GroupMe Alternatives - Telegram

With this in mind, Telegram’s privacy and security are good. There is end-to-end encryption to protect your communications. And there are self-destruct timers for sensitive conversations. It is important to highlight that Telegram allows you to permanently delete any chat.

As for the disadvantages, there is nothing to break the deal. The only limitation that might bother you is that “Secret Chat” is only available in the mobile app.

3. Viber

Like previous apps, Viber is free but not open source. It works across different platforms and you can receive calls, files and messages across the board. While Viber can’t handle really large files, it works just fine for photos and most videos.

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Best GroupMe Alternatives - Viber

One of the best things about this app is the VoIP technology. It provides comparable quality to some veterans like Skype. You can also easily transfer calls from a smartphone to a desktop app.

However, you cannot log into your account and send or receive texts on the web. However, this can be a security feature that protects your data form spyware.

4. WhatsApp

One of the most popular messaging apps to date, WhatsApp is a good alternative to GroupMe. You get a super responsive user interface that is easy to navigate. The really cool thing is that the app requires little or no installation and you can use it as soon as it’s installed.

Best GroupMe Alternatives - WhatsApp

The interesting thing is that WhatsApp scans your contacts and automatically lists the ones available in the app as well. For most users, this is a small price to pay for convenience. But you should know that the app is owned by Facebook.

As such, it shares data with the social networking giant. To avoid this, you need to access the in-app settings and disable data sharing. Beware, it may take some time for the action to take effect.

5. Messenger

If you use Facebook, Messenger is definitely installed on your smartphone or tablet. The application facilitates communication between Facebook friends. However, there are some limitations that may deter some users.

Best GroupMe Alternatives - Messenger

First, it seems difficult to remove your online status from Messenger. There are in-app settings that should allow you to remove the online status, but that doesn’t happen.

Maybe it takes time for the app to find what you want and logging out of the social network won’t help. Also, end-to-end encryption is not turned on by default.

6. Skype

As one of the oldest and most widely used messaging apps, Skype makes it easy for you to reach people. In other words, it’s a staple for business and private users, eliminating the need to install new software.

Best GroupMe Alternatives - Skype

The application works on different platforms and the screen sharing feature is one of the biggest advantages. However, you may run into problems with screen sharing as you cannot manually adjust the bitrate and resolution.

There are third-party apps that can help fix this. However, it is recommended not to mess with them.

7. Loose

If you are a business user, you should not think twice about Slack. This messaging app allows integration with third-party services that are hard to rival like Dropbox or MailChimp. And it offers smooth file transfer.

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Besides chatting, you can also use Slack for video calls. The app has recently introduced more features that make it a mini project management tool.

What you need to know is that Slack can be expensive if you need it for professional purposes. But the UX and features justify the price. The downside is that the app doesn’t allow self-hosting, so you can’t fully control where data is stored.

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The thing is, most people install and use at least two different messaging apps. So Messenger and WhatsApp are probably already on your smartphones. If that’s more of a matter of convenience as they have one of the largest user pools.

What are the features you look for in a messaging app? Is there an application that you find particularly erroneous and unresponsive? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.

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