‘They don’t have the will to try to get out of this’ James Worthy disgusted after missing win from Lakers 15th seeded Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers lost once again in the league, but this time they lost to 15.pearl It seeded the Houston Rockets when the game was extended into overtime to determine the winner. James Worthy blasted the Lakers after what seemed like a shocking loss in their quest to go on Play-in tours.

Venerable He is a Hall of Fame member in the NBA and has been critical of his performances at the Rockets game on Spectrum SportsNet, once again, when analyzing his chances throughout the Lakers’ campaigns this season. The Hall of Famer loss was the Lakers’ lowest point this season. James Worthy’s opinion is a very important statement on the team’s performance as he is a 3-time NBA champion with the Lakers.

James Worthy Blasts Los Angeles Lakers

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James Worthy blasts the Lakers

James Worthy said his word after the game was over, “I didn’t think we could hit a new low, but we hit a new low tonight. The worst team in the league was able to dominate as they did in overtime. The first four quarters were tough enough and I thought the Lakers played well enough to win in all four quarters, except they missed a lot of free throws.”

He hopes the Lakers will make a comeback in any case, but it’s also critical to point out that the Lakers don’t have the determination to face the challenges, fight to the end to win. As realistic as he could get when he said the Lakers didn’t even get a Play-in after a minor loss to the Rockets, “I think they know they can’t win, they don’t feel like they can win. That’s what I’ve seen and they can’t beat the Suns or the best teams, so I don’t know man, it’s like they didn’t nearly die when they got there, but they don’t have that determination, they don’t have that willpower to get out of this.”

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He also said about play-in chances: “You might think they could win with a healthy team, but I don’t think so, it seems like they don’t believe in anything they’re doing.”

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