Gilbert Arenas reveals bold prediction he made to Sixers GM before signing Doc Rivers as Head Coach

Doc Rivers could potentially see his way out this season. The Philadelphia 76ers looked like a legitimate title contender during the regular season, but that slipped after some time due to various issues with the roster and coaches. Joel Embiid prepared another season in the MVP caliber but fell short of the award.

Doctor Rivers
Doctor Rivers

The Sixers have made a big move this season after getting another superstar to match Embiid. Ben Simmons, who previously played quarterback for the team and was their second choice, has been down with a franchise that made him want to leave the team. They traded it to the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden. However, the whole plan did not work out as agreed.

Doc Rivers blamed for failing in playoffs second round

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Gilbert Arenas reveals bold prediction he made to Sixers GM before signing Doc Rivers 2 as Head Coach

The Sixers looked extremely hungry in the second round against the Miami Heat. James Harden averaged just 18.1 points and caused major problems for the team as Embiid struggled with a broken face. They’ve only won two games against the Miami Heat, and Doc Rivers talks about the gruesome loss.

“I don’t step foot on anyone, we’re a team. We don’t do that. We really are. We lost together as a group. The best thing about it is that you try to put your team back in these positions to win. That’s the great thing about it. You don’t lose and then go home.” said River. While he may seem willing to work with the team, he may not be the same as them.

Gilbert Arenas warns former Sixers GM about buying Doc Rivers

Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas

Doc Rivers struggled to help the 76ers win in the playoffs and almost all of them seemed to have given up. Gilbert Arenas talked about the legendary coach in an episode of “No chill with Gilbert Arenas.” He said on the podcast that he doesn’t believe Rivers’ name is worth the hype built around it.

“If Elton Brand does an interview and he’s telling the truth, ask him what I said, when he decided to take Doc I said, Doc is going to ruin that team, Ben Simmons is going to get out because he’s not. I don’t know how to coach him.” Legend has been noted for its predictions of Philly’s future with their coach.

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