“Get rid of him NOW” Shannon Sharpe offers simple solution for Lakers after Russell Westbrook’s 5-Point performance

NBA and Los Angeles Lakers abandoned player Russell Westbrook He doesn’t seem to be in a position to get along with his team. In a viral video recently posted on Twitter, Russell kept himself off the team block. NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe He quickly retweeted the video and seemed to dislike the Lakers player’s behavior.

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe

In the last video, Westbrook decided to stay away when the players rallied at the obstacle. Russell has different opinions about the video and immediately commented: “Pregame, I’ve been doing this for years since I’ve been in the league, man. I think they just cut the video and frankly, the internet will take it and it will work with whatever it’s supposed to work. But I’ve been doing the same ritual ever since I got into the league.”

Shannon Sharpe is pretty unhappy with the fact that the LA Lakers front office couldn’t get rid of Russell. Earlier, Sharpe mentioned that Westbrook’s offensive tendencies have not changed and therefore the Lakers guard will not be able to do well in their system. His video came as a surprise to everyone, even Shannon. Therefore, when he retweeted the video, he made the following statement: “The Lakers need to move on. It really is that simple.” Well, we can say it’s just a matter of perspective.

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Russell Westbrook claimed he never gave up on the Los Angeles Lakers team.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Despite an unsuccessful campaign, Russell Westbrook chose to continue the final year of his contract with the Lakers. On the other hand, the Director darvin ham He’s guaranteed to get more than his former league MVP in the coming season. While Westbrook expressed regret at how fans made fun of his last name last season, the veteran said on Thursday that the cynicism he faced as a member of the Lakers was no different from the limelight he’s had since entering the NBA.

quoted by Russell “Obviously it’s been the same for me, man, I’ve gotten so used to it throughout my career. And I’m so used to it. That’s why I’m blessed and grateful to be able to keep playing, keep my head down and keep racing every year. And everything that comes with extra stuff comes with it. It’s not up to me to be able to make videos and stuff for the internet. I just go out and do my job.”

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