‘I don’t condone violence’ Skip Bayless supports Patrick Beverley for taking a cheap shot at DeAndre Ayton

NBA analyst Skip Bayless Praise to the Los Angeles Lakers Patrick Beverley for his brave act to protect his teammate. Phoenix pushed the Suns. DeAndre Ayton He fell to the ground after trying to get behind Austin Reeves. Even the Lakers management applauded Patrick for supporting Austin.

Skip Bayless tweeted about this event saying, “I certainly don’t condone violence on the basketball court, but I don’t hate Pat Bev’s defense of Austin Reaves hitting Ayton, who stood by Reaves and taunted him AFTER Booker smashed Reaves in the face during a chase foul and stood over him. Yes, sir, PB.” Patrick Beverley was charged with a technical foul and ejected for such behavior.

When asked about his behavior after the match, Pat said, aforementioned, “There’s one person on the ground, two people staring and puffing their chests and the referees don’t step in to split the situation, control the game, so I’m going to stand up for my teammate”

Pat added, “Frankly, it’s unfortunate that it’s on national television. But you know me: I’m a big fan of protecting my teammates no matter what. … I’m a foxhole guy. I wear the jersey and I dedicate myself to a team, a city, and that’s like my motto. I’m a foxhole guy.

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Phoenix Suns smash Los Angeles Lakers as Patrick Beverley is kicked

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley

The Suns beat the LA Lakers 115-105 in a sweeping win. Mikal Bridges and Devin Booker each contributed 25 points to the team’s total. Suns deprived of services Chris Paul for missing his seventh game in a row.

L.A. LakersAnthony Davis finished with 37 points, 21 rebounds and five blocks, and NBA legend LeBron James missed his fifth game in a row, keeping his left adductor tension. Pat Beverley was ejected after pushing DeAndre Ayton, who was about to pass Austin Reaves. This happened in the last few minutes of the match.

Pat received support from head coach Darwin Ham. stated that he is not angry with Pat for defending his teammate, but that he will face some consequences. He also added that: NBA Surrounding teams need to know that they can’t just push their team. The LA Lakers will face the San Antonio Spurs next, while the Phoenix Suns will look to maintain their winning form against the Detroit Pistons.

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