Charles Barkley brutally silenced opponents 3 times: Memphis Depay to Golden State and more

Charles Barkley He is one of those people whose honesty comes before his personality. The former Phoenix Suns legend and NBA analyst at TNT isn’t shy about speaking his mind and certainly doesn’t believe in sugar coating his criticism of players and teams. From hilariously trolling San Antonio women to trolling a “cashier” on TNT, Barkley is fearlessly ready to swing the hammer.

One of the reasons why watching the NBA on TNT is fun is because of his unfiltered comments on Barkley and the dumbest things in the room. He never gets tired”guuuaraaaaanteeee“Even when you’re not sure. Every time he uses a broom to guarantee the sweep, the opposing team wins. He tried to ride a baby bike to win his $5,000 bet with Shaquille O’Neal and nearly fell. Barkley is just another name for fun.

However, as it is; honesty does not mean truth; Barkley was also summoned and brutally shut down by people, either to his face or through other mediums. As the names on the list grow, players like Memphis Depay, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic have one thing in common; They did not spare Barkley when the ball was in their court. Here are some examples of Charles Barkley being brutally shut down by opposing sides.

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Memphis Depay brutally shut down Charles Barkley

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Memphis Depay and Charles Barkley

Before the USA men’s national soccer team faced the Netherlands at the Qatar World Cup, the former All-Star started talking nonsense on national television. sayingWe open a box of whoop-a**. I assure you the Netherlands is in trouble.Things didn’t go too well for Barkley after the USA team lost the game.

Although the official Twitter account of the Dutch team reacted to Barkley when the match was about to start; The real blow came later. After beating the USA soccer team 3-1, Barcelona FC and Dutch forward Memphis Depay brutally trolled Barkley’s post” Lotta crust, no bite” The post came on Twitter and it featured Barkley’s sad face.

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Stephen Curry addresses Carles Barkley’s comments on Klay Thompson

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Stephen Curry and Charles Barkley

Barkley was criticized by NBA superstar and defending NBA Finals MVP Stephen Curry after he called Thompson and said he was no longer Klay Thompson. Barley,”“There was a time when Klay Thompson was the best two-way guard in the NBA, and he’s not the same guy and it’s because of injuries,” Barkley said. Is it over? No, I don’t think you’re done. I think he’s slowing down and catching up, so he’s frustrated.

curry He did not stand up to Barkley and defended his Splash Brother. Steph responded by applauding, “Comments are part of our success… But it’s interesting because some guys forget what their careers were like in the background.” Confirming Thompson’s legitimacy, Curry said, “So you can toss and throw those stones, but Klay is still here, as you said, helping us win a championship after two lousy years.

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Luka Doncic gives a stern response to Charles Barkley

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Charles Barkley and Luka Doncic

Perhaps the dumbest and most honest response to Barkley came from Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. Charles Barkley, who cast a shadow over Luke’s play, said, “I think you need to play faster. Because when you move the ball up and down the court, it becomes a one-on-one game for you. Do you think you should play much faster?

One of the league’s best passers and a natural setter, Doncic perhaps didn’t like the question in the first place. The Slovenian guard answered plainly, “yes we have [to]. But I’m slow. That’s probably the problem with us playing slower. But I think you’re right” Then absolutely nothing came from Charles.

Despite all the frivolous things Charles Barkley has said, Shaq has been shunned on the show by actors and opponents, there’s a reason why fans often refer to him as a “national treasure”. For many, Barkley’s mouth precedes his thoughts, but other than that, any Charles Barkley would be a fan favorite.

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