Bulls fans sighed a sigh of relief knowing all was well between Zach LaVine and Billy Donovan after the bench debate.

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine He communicated that everything was fine between him and the Bulls’ coach. Billy Donovan. Billy took LaVine to the bench in the last few minutes of the game and the player was not happy about it. But they fixed things in the next training session.

LaVine cleared the air while speaking to the media after the practice session. HE aforementioned, “I just told him I think I have the right to go out on the field and play a bad game. His decision was to try to do what’s best for the team that I respect. If we had won, frankly, I would have been very happy. We lost, it wasn’t me. I had a terrible game.” Added, “But it’s a game, man. I don’t want to disproportionately inflate this to the point where we’re talking about a loss that we’ve had multiple losses this year.

By contrast, Billy Donovan aforementioned, “I totally understand his competitiveness and his desire to win and be there. He should. I think all the big players want to be able to do that. I felt at that moment that it was the best for the team. And I think he knew that I would always try to put the team first and do the best for the team. “

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Zach LaVine and Billy Donovan help the Bulls record back-to-back wins

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Bulls fans sighed knowing everything was alright between Zach LaVine and Billy Donovan after the bench pickup argument.

After the news of head coach Billy Donovan and star player Zach LaVine Turned out to be on the same page, Bulls fans breathed a sigh of relief. Zach wasn’t happy about being knocked out against the team. orlando magicThey lost by just one point.

LaVine cleared the air indicating that he and Billy have a good relationship and always talk. He added that Billy understands that there will be uncomfortable days, and that as with any other sport, there will be some decisions one may disagree with.

The two later merged and led their teams to back-to-back wins. Bulls defeated boston celtics 121-107 and Milwaukee Bucks 118-113. The Bulls have a strong roster and must ensure that these trivial issues do not derail their campaigns and prevent them from achieving the ultimate goal of winning the championship. NBA championship.

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