“Brother nearly smashed his groin” Fans can’t help laughing when Aaron Nesmith takes the wrong side of events with his own teammates against the Magic.

Aaron Nesmithextraordinary effort from the bench helped Indiana Pacers come back to beat orlando magic Saturday night in Indiana gives them their fourth straight win. However, Nesmith also included a highlight during his post-match interview, where he was seen falling into the water and nearly hurting himself after his teammates gave him a water shower.

One of the top NBA teams, the Orlando Magic debuted a four-player roster that was at least 1.80m tall against the Indiana Pacers on Saturday night. Pacers were initially uncomfortable with the size of the Magic for a while, as the transition lanes were narrower and there was less room to go to the basket. Against the larger team, Indiana’s attack failed to maintain consistency. However, they managed to beat Orlando, who was in rebuilding mode, for their fourth consecutive win.

Saturday night, when they play Magic, Aaron Nesmith He was in the mood and led the team with outstanding numbers. But the results of the performance were hilarious.

Nesmith’s teammates Tyrese Haliburton and TJ McConnell showered him with water while answering questions about the game-winning free throws and other key plays in a post-match interview. Nesmith was seen falling to the ground after trying to get away from them. Everyone was quite surprised by this, but Haliburton, McConnell, and Nesmith were seen laughing loudly despite fear.

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The Indiana Pacers took down the young Orlando Magic in a tough match.

On Saturday night, the Indiana Pacers defeated the Orlando Magic 114-113 to win the first game of a two-game series. Aaron Nesmith fired two free throws with 9.6 seconds left and the Pacers made a final defensive stop. The Pacers took Tyrese Haliburton’s record 9-6 with 22 points and 14 assists in four straight wins.

Indiana were 7-0 as Myles Turner came in with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Buddy Hield and Jalen Smith each had 15 and 14 points, while Nesmith scored 19 points from the bench where foul shots came after the offensive rebound.

Bol Bol had 22 points and 11 rebounds in Orlando Magic, Mo Bamba had 21 points and 9 rebounds and Franz Wagner had 29 points including 5 with 3 points. Paolo Banchero, who led the score of all NBA rookies with 23.5 points, missed his fifth game in a row due to a sprained left ankle. On the leaderboard, Jalen Suggs and RJ Hampton each contributed 12 and 14 points, respectively.

Magic’s Franz Wagner made it to the rim in the final seconds, but the layup attempt missed the back, and Mo Bamba was unable to secure the victory by tipping on the rebound.

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Fans react to Aaron Nesmith’s hilarious post-game fall

This is how fans on YouTube reacted to this brutal event:

Fans on Twitter also laughed out loud after seeing Aaron Nesmith’s downfall:

Aaron Nesmith, who played very well in the first two quarters, put together a season-best performance, and the third-year wing was in the Pacers’ final starting line-up. He’s been great on both sides for the team, and Indiana is currently 9-6 and has won four games in a row. They have won eight of their last 10 games and as a result are currently fourth in the Eastern Conference standings.

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