“I’m basically trying to copy everything he does,” Kevin Durant explains the impact Kobe Bryant had on him.

Kevin Durant He said he researched and copied legends like Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant After Hornets head coach Steve Clifford compared him to former players. Speaking before Wednesday’s game against the Nets in Brooklyn, Clifford said Durant’s preparation reminded him of Bryant more than any other player.

Kevin Durant is considered one of the best scorers of all time, along with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The seven-foot player can not only beat any defense that is put in front of him, but he can beat them in many ways.

Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford recently said that Durant’s preparation for the game reminded him of Kobe Bryant. Interestingly, Kobe’s preparation is not unknown to the NBA world. He didn’t start his preparations before everyone else in the morning, and left the gym after everyone left. Kobe was fierce and wanted to beat everyone every night. Durant also likes to work at his game, which is one of the reasons he is often heard saying he just wants to play ball.

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Kevin Durant says it was difficult to replace Kobe Bryant

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Kevin Durant

While speaking to the media in a post-match interview, a reporter asked KD’s opinion on Clifford’s comment. Durant didn’t hesitate and talked about the impact Bryant had on his game before and during his NBA career. Durant said he’s been trying to do everything Bryant has done since his playing years, but it’s been difficult to replace the former Lakers. “It’s hard to replace them and be Kobe Bryant. But Kobe is someone I’ve been around and worked with to this day.” aforementioned Durant.

The Brooklyn Nets star said that Kobe and Michael Jordan were the two men on the court that he liked to play and set the course of their skills. “Trying to copy everything he does, same as Michael Jordansaid. The 2-time NBA champion also said that Kobe will never be the same as before and will never get to where Bryant is, but still tries to copy him. said:These two men set the tone for everything you want to be as a basketball player. So, I try to copy them as much as I can.

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Kobe Bryant once said that Kevin Durant is the hardest to defend in the modern game.

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Kevin Durant

Like everyone else, Kobe Bryant once said he couldn’t figure out how to defend Durant. Having KD as a sniper in the field has always been a challenge for opponents. There’s a reason Shai Gilgeous-Alexander says Durant can do anything Stephen Curry can do.

In an interview with Big Cat and American rapper A-Rod Bryant, he said he couldn’t really figure out when he came to stop Durant. “He was the one I retired without really understanding how to stop him.Bryant added, “When he first came into the league, he was easy to defend because he couldn’t go right and shoot.”

But Kobe said that as KD begins to develop, it becomes harder to protect Durant. Bryant aforementionedThen he started developing and now he can pull left, pull right, throw long ball, he has runners, left hand, right hand… I really couldn’t figure out if it was a rhythm thing or not.The late NBA star said that KD started counting the seconds to understand the rhythm of his game but still failed. “I tried to count the seconds it took to do his moves. I haven’t quite figured out this rhythm yet.said Kobe.

Indeed, from his first day on the court in the NBA, Durant has demonstrated unprecedented skills, from driving for his size and getting to the basket, to shooting mid-range and finishing the rim. Durant can do anything a 1.8m player can do in the NBA!

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