New Apple TV Release: 4 Things to Expect and 4 Don’ts

In September, Apple confirmed the new Apple TV release date for the end of October. Earlier this week, Tim Cook reconfirmed those plans. There are still many question marks, though, and today we would like to summarize a few things to expect from the Apple TV 4 release.

Last month, during the iPhone 6s launch event, Apple finally confirmed a brand new fourth-generation Apple TV, now known by two names: Apple TV 4 and the new Apple TV. Apple simply calls it Apple TV.

The company’s new Apple TV 4 has been in the making for years. The last version of the Apple TV, the Apple TV 3, came all the way back in 2012 with the iPad 3.

The new Apple TV comes loaded with new features like a new and improved remote control, a collection of apps that go beyond stock software, and an affordable price tag starting at $150. It’s a nice package and a device that many consumers plan to get in October.

The new Apple TV version has now been confirmed for next week, but Apple still hasn’t flooded consumers with all the important details. Important information such as the new Apple TV release time remains a secret even now.

With these questions in mind, we want to take a comprehensive look at a few things we can expect from the new Apple TV pre-orders, the Apple TV 4 release date, and what we can expect in the weeks after the new Apple TV launch.

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